3 Services You Can Offer as a NEW Virtual Assistant

I have seen wayyyy too many aspiring virtual assistants freeze when it comes to starting their businesses because they think they don’t have any valuable skills!

It’s definitely true that training to learn a high-tech or in-demand skill will help you earn more in your business…

….but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t simple but valuable tasks that you can offer when you’re just getting started.

If you can perfect just ONE signature service, you’ll have a solid place to start when it comes to marketing your business.

Keep in mind: having a simplified menu of services actually makes you MORE desirable to clients.

Today. I’m going to share services that you can offer as a BRAND NEW virtual assistant, even if you don’t have a ton of tech skills yet.

(By the way, these 3 services are pulled from a guide of TWENTY other services inside The Support Squad Membership. Get instant access when you sign up for a free 14-day trial.)

1-Day Inbox Organization:

I love this signature service for brand new virtual assistants because you can create ton of impact for your clients without having to learn a whole new skill.

For this service, include a strategy call so that you can find out what kind of organization your clients needs and then have their inbox clear by the end of the day!

Helpful resource:

This article from Shailaja is packed full of inbox organization tips.

Building a Content Library

Many business owners don't realize that they are sitting on a gold-mine of valuable content in their blogs, websites, and videos.

You can help them to repurpose their old content by breaking up their previous blog posts and formatting them for social media (adding emojis, spacing, etc.) - making it easy for them to copy and paste into IG or FB.

Helpful resource:

Learn how I repurpose my own content and use a content library in this podcast episode.

Podcast Outreach

Podcasts are here to stay and lots of business owners are seeing them as easy ways to boost their visibility and reach. It can be overwhelming to research and pitch relevant podcasts to be featured on, so this is a great place for you to step in!

Offer packages to clients that include researching and pitching podcasts to get them featured. 

Helpful resource:

This article from Sarah Mikutel outlines the process of pitching to podcasts.

Get instant access to this guide with 17 more signature service ideas when you sign up for The Support Squad Membership.

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