Coach. Course Creator. Podcast Host. Mom. Wife. Enneagram 4w3. A little bit geeky, a little bit witchy.

Three core beliefs drive everything I do in my business...


Every person has unique gifts to offer the world and deserves the opportunity to live up to their full potential.


 With a clear vision and consistent aligned action, you can accomplish anything you desire.


 Hustle culture is a scam. We should build business that feel more nourishing than draining.

A lot of experience and mistakes had to happen before I learned these important lessons. So, let's start at the beginning...


Back in 2017, I was a bored and broke stay-at-home mom with a desire for so much more.

No college degree + a spotty resume = very limited options for work. But the idea of working at a 9-5 and earning barely enough to cover childcare killed my soul.

Then came the turning point: A friend told me about virtual assisting and I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.

See - I’ve always been a smart, creative, and driven person, but the typical college path and 9-5 corporate job just never appealed to me. (Sound familiar?)

As I learned more about virtual assisting, I was so excited to find I could do creative work that I loved - on my own terms. Within a year, I was completely booked out with clients and feeling so excited about the possibilities.

Then came the burnout...


As a general virtual assistant, I was so good at so many different things and I really enjoyed having some variety in my work.

But I soon found out that offering too many services to my clients was keeping me overworked, underpaid, and completely overwhelmed.

I started to explore podcast management and realized it allowed me to combine all the things I loved: I was able to use my tech skills to edit, my project management skills to create systems and structure for production, and my creative skills to design graphics and create marketing assets. 


 I realized I didn't have to offer everything to everyone in order to use all of my skills. It could all be packaged up into one pretty little podcast management box.


I’ve seen how transformative it is to find a specialty that helps you create more structure in your business. I’ve learned how powerful it is to step up as a leader in your own business. I know how life-changing it is to finally charge what you’re worth and work with clients that are happy to pay you.

And that's why after 4 years of serving clients as a podcast manager and 3 years of mentoring virtual assistants through The Support Squad Podcast & Membership, I've chosen to devote my business to empowering others to become profitable podcast managers.

Through my course, podcast, and 1:1 coaching, I give freelancers the tools, systems, and strategies I used to go from earning $25/hour as a general virtual assistant to $45/hour+ as a skilled podcast pro.

The magic I share in my various programs changed my business (and my life), and now I'm thrilled to pass it along to others who are ready for a real transformation in their business.

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"Sharon is the perfect guide if what you are looking for is someone with a wealth of knowledge who is professional and kind. Someone who listens intently, provides necessary tools, and always has your back!"

Jennie B.

""I feel confident and proud of the head-way I have made during our month together. If you are at a crossroads in your business and need someone with a growth mindset and the experience to guide you to the next step/ it!"

Ann Marie B.