Hey there, multi-talented virtual assistant: do you want to learn how to maximize your skills & earn more money by becoming a podcast manager?

We'll give you the training, systems, and tools you need to confidently transition from general virtual assistant to expert podcast manager. 



You became a virtual assistant because you wanted to earn a great income from home with flexible hours, but now you've found yourself responding to client requests 24/7 and barely bringing in enough money to cover your bills & expenses.

And you've probably found yourself wondering "What am I missing? Shouldn't someone as smart and capable as me be earning more & enjoying my business?":

  • You know you should stop charging hourly rates, but you don't know how to create packages because you offer too many services.
  • You have amazing skills - tech, creative, project management - but you're not sure how to make the most of them.
  • Your clients love you, but they're in the driver's seat. Instead of being seen as an equal, you feel like an employee.
  • You've thought about niching to podcast management (and maybe you even already help clients with their podcasts), but imposter syndrome has kept you from taking the leap. 

Imagine how amazing it would feel if...

  • You were able to create dynamic packages and offers that helped you achieve consistent $5k months.
  • You had the skills and knowledge to confidently lead your clients through launching and managing their podcasts.
  • You had the systems & tools to streamline your business and create more structure in your day.
  • You had a clear plan for marketing your business and finding aligned clients.

What if you had everything you needed to step into this elevated phase of your business?


You didn't start your business to spend your day doing random tasks. (Isnt that what a 9-5 is for?) Podcast management will give you an outlet for your creative and tech-y superpowers and put you back in the driver's seat of your business.


You didn't start your business to spend your day doing random tasks. (Isnt that what a 9-5 is for?) Podcast management will give you an outlet for your creative and tech-y superpowers and put you back in the driver's seat of your business.


Podcast management is not rocket science. It's made up of a series of template-able, repeatable processes. Once you learn all of the steps, it becomes like second-nature!

But trying to figure it out all by yourself by piecing together info from around the internet? That's a good way to keep yourself stuck in imposter syndrome.

You already have the skills it takes to become a podcast manager. With a clear roadmap in front of you, you can release the fear & hesitation that's keeping you stuck as a general virtual assistant, and step confidently into your new identity as a profitable podcast pro.


You know now that podcast management could be the key to making more money and finding more structure in your business, but you might be wondering -  "Is there really a need for more podcast managers?"

The podcast industry is expected to grow by 17.8% in 2022 (that’s after a huge boom in 2021!) Talented podcast managers are more in-demand than ever before. If you’ve been thinking about getting started, now is the time. 


A go-at-your-own-pace course for virtual assistants who want to become expert podcast pros, including all the tools, tutorials, and systems you need to get started.  

Learn the ins & outs of podcast management to attract high-paying clients - without the guesswork or imposter syndrome.


By the end of Podcast Magic, you’ll know how to:


  • Confidently complete all of the technical, strategic, and creative tasks involved with launching, managing, and marketing a podcast. You’ll demystify the editing process, learn how to submit podcasts to all the major platforms, discuss each phase of launching, and explore all the ways to promote a podcast
  • Manage the client relationship with ease from discovery call to onboarding to ongoing project management. Communication and systems are the keys to building a stress-free, joyful podcasting biz. I’ll take you through every step of communicating with your clients and managing your projects. 
  • Market your podcast biz and find aligned clients. Once you have the confidence to do the work, it’s time to bring in the clients! You’ll learn the most impactful strategies for marketing your business and attracting clients you love. 

And you’ll be able to achieve all of this with the support of the Podcast Magic community and...ME! 

Although this course is go-at-your-own-pace (meaning no live calls), our community will be an invaluable resource for you as you learn about podcast management and start serving clients.


You're going to



In-Depth Module Workbooks

Each module of Podcast Magic comes with a handy workbook that you can use as a guide during the course and beyond! Use them as a reference while marketing your biz and serving your clients.

Industry Secrets

The information I share inside of Podcast Magic is not what you’ll find in a blog or Google Search. I’m teaching the tips, strategies, and techniques I’ve learned and developed after years as a podcast manager and podcast host.

Video Lessons & Tutorials

You’ll get a powerful mix of detailed lessons and step-by-step tutorials for every piece of the podcast management process from client onboarding to editing to launching. And every lesson also includes the transcription for your reference.

Ready-to-Use Tools

Get the systems you need to build a streamlined & profitable business. You’ll receive my most-used tools including an Interactive Launch Package Pricing Calculator, Trello Boards, Guest Management Spreadsheet, and so much more


Don’t worry about creating anything from scratch in your podcasting biz! From a New Client Questionnaire to Proposals and so much more, you’ll have access to my favorite templates to save you time and mental energy.

Student Community

You’re not on this journey alone! Our private Podcast Magic FB Group will be there for you as you go through the content. You can pop in to ask me questions, find subcontractors, and celebrate with your fellow podcasters.


Join the Waitlist

Podcast Magic empowered me to become a podcast pro. I feel confident with systems for my clients and have clarity around processes for handling client work. It's the best course you’ll ever take (and I’ve taken a lot of courses.) None were as structured and thorough as this one.


Podcast Magic

Everything you need to confidently launch, manage, and market podcasts - plus strategies for streamlining your business and finding clients.

  • Learn an elevated and intentional way of producing podcast content.
  • Get all of the tech skills you need to bring your clients' vision to life.
  • Learn how to price and package your services in a dynamic and profitable way. 
  • Refine your communication and project management skills to create a seamess experience for your clients.
  • Tech tutorials for every step of the editing & publishing process.
  • Templates and tools to help you implement everything you learn.

Get your hands on the exact tools, systems, and strategies I used to go from earning $25/hour as a general virtual assistant to $45/hour+ as a skilled podcast pro.

The magic I'm sharing inside this course changed my business (and my life), and now I'm thrilled to pass it along to you.

Enrollment Opens Soon!


✨ Bonus Module Added: Podcast Pitching 101 ✨

I've teamed up with expert Visibility Guide Jennie Busic to bring you the training and resources you need to add pitching services to your podcasting business.

Jennie specializes in podcast outreach for purpose driven healers and spiritual entrepreneurs. She knows what it takes to get her clients' message at the forefront of their target audience.

Inside this bonus module, you'll find:

In-depth workshop from Jennie
Strategy Call Questionnaire
Podcast Pitching Trello Board
Speaker One-Sheet Canva Template
Speaker One-Sheet Questionnaire
Podcast Pitching Tracking Sheet
Pitch Email Action Tips
Pitch Email Template
Follow Up Email Template
Thank You Email Template

Magic happens when you align your skills with an in-demand service like podcast management.

When I started my virtual assistant business, I was so excited to be able to work from home and serve clients that I loved. 

But the truth is - I didn't see the fulfillment or the profit I wanted to see in my business until I niched to podcast management.

Seriously, I want the same transformation for you!

After years of coaching virtual assistants to find their specialties and step forward as leaders, I've seen first-hand how powerful it is to become an expert. 

And the good news is you don't have to wait years to make the same step forward. 


Podcast Magic students are alway winning! Come celebrate with us.

And just who will be teaching you how to make Podcast Magic?

Me! I'm Sharon Nissen.


You have amazing gifts to share. I already know it.

It's my job to help you put them to use in an online business, and I have all the strategies, resources, and tools to help you do it. 

With my signature mix of warm encouragement and steadfast accountability, you and your business are in magical hands.

(Just ask any of the 100s of virtual assistants I've mentored through my podcast, membership, and 1:1 coaching.)

"Hands-down the best online course I’ve ever taken."

Before enrolling, I was struggling with finding a niche that I would both enjoy and be successful with. 

I joined Podcast Magic and was surprised by the hands-on training. Most courses just tell you what to do. Podcast Magic is on a whole different level showing you exactly how to edit audio, exactly how to upload to host platforms and exactly how to package your services. It was mind-blowing.

I feel completely confident in offering BOTH launching and management services. 

Sign up immediately! You will be amazed at how this course will give you so much confidence that it will truly light you up. The tools and resources, along with the trainings and the on-going support you receive in the Facebook community is worth more than money can buy. You will have EVERYTHING you need at your fingertips to start your business and continue to take it to higher levels."


"If you're thinking about niching down to Podcast Management, Podcast Magic will show you the way to proceed."

It is full of helpful content about each step of the podcast production cycle as well as offering lots of useful tutorials to show you how to edit and launch a podcast.

There is also an AMAZING Trello board which you can use to keep yourself & your clients on track through every stage of the podcast production cycle. There are also lots of helpful marketing tips and the private Facebook group is a lovely & supportive community.

I feel more confident in my overall podcasting knowledge, I have the theoretical knowledge of how to launch and offer ongoing services for podcasts, and I feel more sure of how to market my services.



Let's Talk Modules

(You'll get instant access to all 8 modules when you enroll so you can complete at your own pace.)

Finding Your Podcast Magic

We’ll discuss the different types of Podcasts VAs - yes, there are many niches within the niche - and evaluate your strengths to determine the best services and packages for you to offer. 

We’ll also touch on how to outsource strategically so that you can create dynamic, all-inclusive packages for your clients even if some of the services you offer are outside of your particular zone of genius.

RESOURCES INCLUDED: Course Implementation Plan Trello Board


Podcasting with Intention & Purpose

Understanding the potential and power of podcasting will help you to serve your clients on a much deeper level and also make you feel more fulfilled in your work. 

In this module, we’ll talk about how podcasts can be used as a marketing cornerstone in any small business and how to hone in on your client’s specific goals so that you can provide the best service possible.


Podcast Production Basics

Podcast Production might seem like an intimidating and tedious process, but like everything else that has to do with podcasting, it’s all about learning and repeating a simple step-by-step process.

In this module, I’ll take you through all the basics of podcast production, so that you can feel confident about delivering an expertly produced podcast to your clients.

RESOURCES INCLUDED: Tech Tutorials for Editing & Publishing, Copy Doc Template, Raw Audio Files for you to practice editing



Ready, set, launch! Launching is one of the most fun and rewarding parts of being a podcast pro because it gives you the opportunity to show your clients a complete result from start to finish and bring their vision to life. 

You can offer launching in addition to ongoing podcast management services or even focus solely on launches in your podcasting biz if you prefer working for clients on a more short-term basis. If you can become an expert in launching, there is also lots of opportunity to scale your business with VIP days or consulting services. 

RESOURCES INCLUDED: Client Launch Toolkit/Welcome Packet Template, Discovery Call Scheduling Form, Pre-Work Questionnaire, Kick-Off Call Intake Form, Podcast Launch Package Calculator, Podcast Launch Proposal Template, Podcast Launch Trello Board

Here's what our recent Podcast Magic grads have to say about the course:

I'd dabbled in a few different podcast management courses, but Sharon's stood out as being clear, concise, easy-to-implement, beautifully presented - and above all fun!  

I've gained a greater understanding of the overall process of creating a podcast from beginning to end. I feeling more confident in structuring the behind-the-scenes systems for my podcast management business. And I have clear guidelines set out for creating packages and bringing the whole process together for a client.


Podcast Magic is one of the best online courses I've done, and actually one of the few I finished. There is so much value in the content and all the extra's you get (tools & templates).

I'm now 100% sure that I want to go further in this niche, I feel I can do this, and - very practical - the templates and worksheets are absolute gold.


If you are thinking of getting into podcast services, Podcast Magic is the best course to take to get an all round education in podcast management services. Sharon is there with you every step of the way and the community is very supportive.

I was surprised by the in-depth information and advice given. You learn how to run a podcast management business, not just tutorials on the practical techie parts, but project management, getting and on-boarding clients, how to work out rates everything needed to start a podcast pro business.

I was especially surprised by the amount of templates given, you really have supplied everything needed


Ongoing Podcast Management

While managing a weekly podcast is a fair amount of work, with the right systems and processes in place, it can feel streamlined and effortless.  

In this module, we’ll learn how to onboard new podcast management clients (it’s a different process than launch clients), how to help your clients strategically plan their content, systems for keeping things organized and concise, and the power of batching. 

RESOURCES INCLUDED: Podcast Management Trello Board, Podcast Management Package Calculator, Podcast Management Proposal Template, All Access Spreadsheet


Guest Management

It’s important to create a smooth guest experience so that your client has everything they need to host a great interview and your guests are more likely to share their interview with their audience.

In this module, you’ll learn how to find aligned guests for your clients podcast, systems for scheduling and gathering information and assets, and how to follow-up with guests after their interview to ensure future collaboration and that they're excited promote their episode. 

RESOURCES INCLUDED: Guest Communication Forms & Email Templates


Marketing & Monetizing Podcasts

We already know that client goals can vary, so in this module we’ll be exploring the many strategies you can use to get the most out of a podcast in an aligned way. 

You’ll learn how to use email marketing to get more listeners per episode, the magic combination of blogs and Pinterest, how to make money from a podcast with ads and affiliate promotions, and how to align content with your client’s offers.

RESOURCES INCLUDED: Podcast Promo Canva Templates, Tutorial for Using Headliner to Create Audiographics


Finding Clients for Your Biz

The beauty of having a clear specialty like podcast management is that it’s fairly simple to create a powerful content marketing strategy and stand apart as an expert.  

In this module, you’ll learn how to market your services on social media, how to make connections online so that you have a web of potential leads and referrals, and how to use direct outreach strategies to get the ball rolling in your podcasting biz.

RESOURCES INCLUDED: About Me Page & Professional Bio Outline, Direct Prospecting Template, Lead Tracking Spreadsheet, Canva Website Template, Brand Board Template

Get all the tools, tutorials, & templates you need to implement each module:

  • Step-by-step tutorials for editing podcasts in Audacity and Garageband.
  • Copy Doc Outline Template
  • Launch Package Pricing Calculator
  • Kick-Off Call Intake Form
  • Podcast Launch Trello Board
  • Podcast Launch Proposal Template
  • Client Launch Toolkit Outline
  • Step-by-step tutorials for adding ID3 tags and publishing podcast episodes
  • ....and SO much more!

To fast-track your success, if you enroll now, you'll get these bonuses:

These are some of my favorite goodies!


I'll hold 2 live coaching calls for Podcast Magic students in Summer and Fall of 2022. Join me to ask your burning questions about the course and get coaching from me.


New to freelancing & online business? This action plan will help to clearly see all of the tasks you need to complete to build a strong foundation for every aspect of your business.


I've teamed up with Visibility Guide Jennie Busic to bring you the training and resources you need to add pitching services to your podcasting business.

Still Got Questions?

Get the training & tools you need to transition from virtual assistant to expert podcast pro - so you can get the time and financial freedom that you've been looking for.

  • Learn an elevated and intentional way of producing podcast content.
  • Get all of the tech skills you need to bring your clients' vision to life.
  • Learn how to price and package your services in a dynamic and profitable way. 
  • Refine your communication and project management skills to create a seamess experience for your clients.
  • Tech tutorials for every step of the editing & publishing process.
  • Templates and tools to help you implement everything you learn.


I promise that you CAN do this. But if you’re not 100% satisfied with the course, the templates, or the bonuses within 30 days, I will offer you a full refund, for any reason.

Enrollment Opens Soon!


I know first hand how empowering it is to become an expert in something that brings you profit and fulfillment.

In just 8 weeks, you could be stepping into your new identity as expert podcast manager. I'm excited to walk beside you into this new phase.

"If you're interested in starting a podcast or supporting a client with their podcast, then this is the course for you!"

I love podcast editing, but before Podcast Magic I wasn't sure how to grow this side of my business.

Now I have a clearer picture of how I can increase my podcast management skills, how to price my packages and how to market myself as a podcast pro.

I definitely feel like I'm ready to take the next steps and create a Podcast Management package to add to my services.


"I have looked into other podcasting courses; nothing comes close to Podcast Magic. It is worth every cent.

I gained more confidence in my editing skills and methods. I learned the in's and out's of a successful podcast launch. The top benefit is I also received a community of podcasting service pro's that I can come to for knowledge and support.

If you have any desire to be a podcast manager or launch specialist, THIS is the course. You get a complete course with everything you need to succeed. You also get a fantastic community of women and access to Sharon to ask any questions on your journey. 10/10 highly recommend.