A FREE 5-day video series and ebook to help you start your own virtual assistant business.

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In the Become a Virtual Assistant Training Series you'll learn:

-Day 1-

Choosing Your Virtual Assistant Services

Whether you're drawn to administrative, marketing, or technical tasks, there is a virtual assistant niche for you! I'll help you narrow down a list of services that you can offer to clients.

-Day 2-

Business Formation & Pricing

Starting a business doesn't have to be scary! I'll break it down for you in simple terms - from LLCs to taxes to setting your prices.

-Day 3-

Branding & Marketing Your Business

Having a beautiful brand will help you attract high-quality, high-paying clients. I'll teach you branding basics and where to go to find clients.

-Day 4-

Working with Clients

Creating a seamless client experience is the key to a profitable, sustainable virtual assistant business. I'll show you how to onboard and work with clients.

-Day 5-

How to Launch Your Business

Ready, set, launch! I'll teach you how to stay on track with completing everything you need to launch your business so you can start earning money.

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I'm sharing what I've learned after going from broke stay-at-home mom to successful virtual assistant...

..and everything I know from years of mentoring new virtual assistants.

Even without a college degree or years of professional experience, I've been able to build a successful business from scratch doing creative work that I love.

This is 4 years of learning packed into a 5-part video series and a 50-page eBook...

Ready to start your journey as a virtual assistant? 


Hi, I'm Sharon Nissen.

I'm a virtual assistant coach and the creator of The Support Squad, a podcast and membership community for virtual assistants.

I've mentored hundreds of virtual assistants over the past 4 years, and I've learned what it takes to build a sustainable, profitable business.

You have valuable skills to offer. I created this free Become a Virtual Assistant training to teach you how to turn your existing skills into a flexible online business.

In this 5-Day Video Training and Ebook, you'll learn how to choose your services, create a strong business foundation, and start earning money by serving clients!

You deserve a business you can be proud of. Let's go get it!

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