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An Ongoing Support System for Building a Profitable Service-Based Business

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Everything you need to start, scale, and streamline your service-based business:

Tools, Templates, and Training

You're spending way too much time crafting emails, systems, and marketing elements from scratch! (Let's get real: how much time have you wasted staring at blank Canva pages or spreadsheets?)

Dive into resources & templates from experienced business owners so you can get back to serving clients!

Ongoing Coaching from an Expert Virtual Assistant Coach 

Do you ever wish you could stop Googling to find answers about your business and just talk to a real person who's been there? After 4 years of building a successful online business, I intimately understand the strategies that it takes to grow & scale.

Get exclusive access to me (without having to invest $1000s into 1:1 coaching.)

Community & Accountability

You don't get a gold star for building your business alone! Virtual assistants who are connected to a community see results faster.

Fast track your growth with the support of our private Facebook Group, live coaching calls, and monthly accountability partners.

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Have you had any of these thoughts about your business?

I'm sick of guessing my way through launching and growing my business. Could someone give me the roadmap?

I wish I could learn valuable skills so I could raise my rates!

The back-end of my business is a hot mess. I need systems, but I don't know where to start!

I keep seeing other virtual assistants find clients on social media, but marketing feels so overwhelming!

You're not alone. I've been there too. 

That's why I created The Support Squad - so that virtual assistants and service providers (like you!) can get the training, resources, and coaching they every stage of their business.

You deserve a business that lights you up and makes you proud.

...but struggling to build it alone is going to leave you overwhelmed and burnt-out. 

If you're anything like I was during the first couple years of my business, you probably:

  • Haven't figured out your niche or signature service, so you're doing random tasks for a low hourly rate

  •  Are you confused about how to create systems and automate your business, so your work is inconsistent and inefficient

  • Lack the confidence to put yourself out there to high-caliber clients, so you're working with clients who micro-manage your tasks and nitpick your invoices

If you want to fast-track your success and reach your big, beautiful goals, our community will empower you to make it happen.

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The Support Squad Membership gives you the ongoing support you need for your business so you can:


Offer services that allow you to charge high rates and attract your dream clients

Receive support and feedback from a supportive community of virtual assistants from around the world

Create a strong business foundation that will allow you to scale and grow

Design a work-life balance that gives you freedom to spend time with friends and family


I'm Sharon Nissen, your coach and mentor.

I'm a virtual assistant coach, podcaster, systems-nerd, mama of 2, and self-development junkie on a mission to help service providers build thriving & profitable businesses!

I created The Support Squad Membership for solopreneurs like you.

It's a monthly membership community for service providers at all levels of business-building - featuring in-depth training from guest experts, live group coaching calls, a private Facebook group, guest blogging opportunities, and more.

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Join now and get instant access to:


#1- 30+ Masterclasses from Industry Leaders

Learn about topics like Pinterest, Networking, Legal Foundations, and Dubsado from a variety of guest experts

#2- 50+ Templates, Guides, and Resources

Access a variety of resources for your biz including a Retainer Contract, Discovery Call Script & Guide, and Canva Templates

#3- 60+ Live Coaching Call Recordings

Watch past group coaching sessions on topics like Strategies for Marketing Your Signature Service and Dealing with Disappointment as a Business Owner. fresh new content every month.

New Guest Expert Masterclass

Facebook group

2 LIVE Group
Coaching Calls

Optional 1:1 Coaching Upgrades

Surprise Bonus Goodies
Every Month!

Accountability & Support Partner


Here's What Members Are Saying...

Ericka Calsunag

In The Support Squad Membership, I know I have support, resources, and tools that I need. Especially whenever I feel stuck or alone or I just need somewhere to bounce my ideas. Just like the name says, you get the support that you need.

Jennie Busic

The Support Squad Membership has made such a huge difference in my business. It has taken me to new heights. It has connected me to people that I never would have connected to otherwise. Sharon herself has sent me referrals who became clients.

The top coaches and leaders in the virtual assistant world...right at your fingertips.

Each Support Squad Guest Expert is carefully selected so that we cover the hottest topics and highlight the most in-demand skills.

These in-depth trainings will teach you concepts that will help you provide great service to clients and build a strong foundation for your own business.

Expand your skills, create a strong foundation, and learn new strategies with these 30+ Guest Expert Masterclasses.

The Support Squad Membership supports you with every stage of your business...

...including everything you need to launch your business and start landing clients. 

It’s helped me to launch my business. Not only just launch it, but to do it with confidence and ease. I think that's super, super important as a brand new service provider.

-Sue A.

The Business Foundations Trello Board is a step-by-step way to launch your business. Everything you need from licenses to processes to figuring out exactly what you want to do. It was probably the single most important thing that I had when I started my business to get all of my systems in place and getting everything ready to launch. I felt like when I started my business, I was already a leg up from where I thought I would ever be.

-Deann B.

I was so lost, not knowing what to do, or what to start. When it came to branding, optimizing my social media platforms. knowing what to ask or say when I am talking to potential clients - it has been a lifesaver for me.

-Mayra W.

The Result? 

A custom plan for amet, metus at rhoncus dapibus.  ipsum dolor sit amet, metus at rhoncus dapibus.

With the confidence and tools to amet, metus at rhoncus dapibus.  ipsum dolor sit amet, metus at rhoncus dapibus.

2 Live Group Coaching Calls with me every month!

This is your opportunity to get face-to-face time with me and other virtual assistants around the world. 

Can't make the live calls? No problem. Submit your coaching request and I will answer your questions on the call, then you can watch the replay in your membership area at your convenience! (Available in both podcast + video format.)

-Topics we've covered-

  • Facebook Community Management 101
  • Confidence Hacks for Entrepreneurs
  • Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Social Media Captions
  • How to Tap Into Your Creativity and Find a Flow State
  • How Your Mindset is Impacting Your Sales
  • Networking Tips for Introverted Entrepreneurs
  • 5 Mistakes Virtual Assistants Make When Designing a Client Experience
  • How to Niche Without Limiting Yourself
  • Strategies for Marketing Your Signature Service


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Listen to Dama share how our coaching calls have supported her as she's niched down, hired a team, and everything in between...

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The best value on the web for virtual assistants

Get ongoing support for building the profitable business of your dreams

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Monthly - FREE 14-Day Trial!


After your FREE 14-day trial

  • Live group coaching
  • Guest expert masterclasses
  • Epic resource library
  • Private community

VIP Membership


Best value | One-time Payment

  • Lifetime access
  • ALL Monthly Membership features
  • Enrollment in The Support Squad Directory & Matchmaking
  • Podcast Guesting Opportunities

Enroll at the VIP Level to get access to unique opportunities to uplevel your business:

  • An open invitation to be featured on The Support Squad Podcast - so you can get new eyes on you and your business.

  • A profile in The Support Squad Directory - so that I can include you in my service provider/client matchmaking service.

  • Opportunities to get paid by me for your business resources - I pay VIP members to add their original creations to the Bonus Goodie Library.

  • Lifetime access - your membership never expires, you can access the monthly group coaching calls, the community, and the virtual portal for the life of the community.

Commonly Asked Questions

Our members are always winning! Come celebrate with us.

Here's What Members Are Saying...

Stacy Covitz

The Support Squad Membership got me completely on a different path. I niched down and raised my prices. Now I'm just concentrating on one service and serving those clients. It’s been amazing.

Wynter Chatman

The Support Squad has been a welcoming community that supplies me with endless resources and support for building my business. I really love the ability to sign up monthly for an accountability partner. It can be very stressful starting your business and it helps to know there are others experiencing the same struggles. 

Is The Support Squad Membership for you?


You’re thinking about getting started as a virtual assistant

You want to earn an income from home and have started doing some research, but are overwhelmed with taking the steps to get started.

You want templates, resources, and a solid plan to help you launch, with ongoing support to keep you on track. 


You've started your business, landed a few clients, but want more consistency/income

You’re starting to feel burnt out because you’re working a lot of hours, not loving the services you’re offering, feeling resentful of your clients, and wondering if there’s a better way of doing things.

You want tools to create better systems and uplevel your skills & marketing so that you can increase your income and have a regular stream of clients.


You’re an established service provider ready to uplevel to the next stage

You have clients that you love, business is steady, and now you’re thinking about offering consulting services, growing a team, or scaling with digital products.

You want a place where you can mastermind with others and build systems that will help your business grow.  

 library of resources to support your business at every stage...

There's no reason to start from scratch when building your virtual assistant business. I share tons of valuable resources in The Support Squad Bonus Goodie Library. Look for Trello boards, contracts, templates, prompts, and so much more!

Scroll through to see what's included in this epic resource library. (There are over 50+ goodies inside!)

Hear how the resources inside the Bonus Goodie Library helped Deann launch her business with confidence...


So, what exactly is included?

Monthly Members get instant access to:

  • 30+ Masterclasses from Industry Leaders
  • 50+ Templates, Guides, and Resources
  • 60+ Recorded Group Coaching Calls

Plus fresh content monthly:

  • New guest expert masterclass
  • Members-only Facebook Group
  • Bi-weekly LIVE group coaching
  • New templates & resources every month
  • Optional accountability & support partner

VIP Members get all of the above PLUS:

  • Lifetime Access
  • Enrollment in The Support Squad Directory & Client Matchmaking
  • Opportunities to get paid for your creations
  • Podcast guesting opportunities


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The Support Squad Membership

The ultimate support system for virtual assistants and service providers

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Monthly - FREE 14-Day Trial!


After your FREE 14-day trial

  • Live group coaching
  • Guest expert masterclasses
  • Epic resource library
  • Private community

VIP Membership


Best Value | One-time Payment

  • Lifetime access
  • ALL Monthly Membership features
  • Enrollment in The Support Squad Directory & Matchmaking
  • Podcast Guesting Opportunities