Ep. 064 Set Your Virtual Assistant Business Up for Success with Legal Foundations with Layne Lyons, JD


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Do you ever suddenly get a deep sinking feeling about your business? It’s kind of like the feeling you get when you’re about to go to the dentist, but you know you haven’t been flossing. It’s a fear that comes from knowing that the foundation of your business is not totally solid.

Maybe you’re using a weird, cobbled together contract or you don’t have terms & conditions set up on your website. These little cracks in our foundation can really sit in the back of our subconscious as business owners and come out during really important times like when we’re trying to make a sale or hire a subcontractor.

Today on The Support Squad, I’m excited to introduce you to Layne Lyons, JD. She’s a legal expert for women entrepreneurs and as she says “When we’re in fear we cannot grow.” After working as a sex crimes prosecutor, then going through a health crisis that lead to a career switch into health coaching, Layne is now focusing on her mission to help women entrepreneurs protect themselves legally so they have the confidence to grow. 

Tune in to hear:

  • Layne’s journey from sex crimes prosecutor to health coach to lawyer for entrepreneurs
  • How fear holds us back as entrepreneurs
  • How to create a strong legal foundation for our business
  • An introduction the Legal Umbrella Method™ which simplifies legal protections and makes an often intimidating topic approachable and easy to understand

Let me tell you a bit about Layne Lyons, JD:

Layne’s 25 years as a Duke Law School educated lawyer gave her the experience to create the Legal Umbrella Method™ which simplifies legal protections and makes an often intimidating topic approachable and easy to understand.  

Unlike many lawyers, Layne uses plain English in all the contracts she creates for clients. She is always ready with real-life examples and humorous analogies to help her clients follow all the legal concepts.  Layne speaks on stages across the country, empowering women to level up their business, own their voice and live big.  She is an avid hiker, a full-time nomad and a hobby meteorologist.


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Layne’s journey:

Layne started out as a lawyer in Atlanta working as a sex crimes prosecutor. Then she opened up her own firm defending children’s rights. During these years, she barely ate, barely slept, and was overwhelmed by the stress of the cases she was working on. Burnt out, she found herself in a health crisis that led her to depend on a motorized wheelchair for mobility. 

Health experts told her that she would never walk again, but she chose a different path. With a deep belief in herself, she learned the power of food as medicine. Inspired by her own healing, she began a journey as a health coach.

Layne entered into a partnership with another health coach and made her first big mistake: she didn’t protect her work and her partner ended up stealing all of her content. That’s when she decided to help other entrepreneurs to empower and protect themselves with contracts and agreements.

How Fear Holds Us Back as Entrepreneurs

As Layne says “ When we’re in fear, we cannot grow.” If we’re constantly worried about the things we don’t have in place, we’ll be scared to put ourselves out there and be visible in the way we need to be to find success. A strong legal foundation will give the confidence you need to put yourself out there!

Creating a Strong Legal Foundation for Our Business

The first step in creating a strong legal foundation for your virtual assistant business is finding out where you’re exposed. Layne calls these “legal leaks.”

Tune in to hear about Layne’s Legal Umbrella Method™ where she explains, in plain terms, everything you need to have in place to protect your business.

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