Ep. 122 7 Lessons I Learned from Coaching Virtual Assistants in 2021


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Earlier this year, I officially retired as a podcast manager and done-for-you service provider and put my energy 100% into coaching, teaching, and training online business owners.

Since I started offering 1:1 coaching, I’ve seen the most remarkable transformations and learned the most valuable lessons.

Working with my incredible clients in 2021, I started to see some powerful themes emerge and, from my outside-looking-in perspective, I began to get a crystal clear picture of what exactly it takes to move into the next level of your business.

In this episode, I’m sharing the 7 most important lessons I learned from coaching business owners this year. These are the real secrets that will help take you from beginner virtual assistant to empowered CEO.

If you’re ready to take your business to new heights in 2022, you don’t want to miss this episode!

1- Take Time to Determine the Values that Drive Your Business

 One thing that I do with all of my one-on-one clients is have them write a mission statement for their business and have them define their ideal client beyond that kind of cliche idea of an ideal client (i.e. what kind of car they drive or what their yearly income is).

I like to get to the root of who their ideal client actually is (i.e. what are their values, and are they aligned with yours).

When you have that foundation, it makes the big decisions become a lot more clear because you can ask yourself:  is this in line with the greater vision for my business? and is it in line with the kind of person I want to be working with. If not, then you know it's not right for you. I've seen how much more empowered people become when they find that kind of foundational clarity in their business.

2- Embrace Seasons in Your Business

Going at a pace of massive productivity at all times is not going to be sustainable in your business because you're going to get burnt out. 

 There are seasons of your business when you’re going to be launching things and you’re going to be moving with this intense energy, but then there are seasons where you step back and maybe clean up systems or give the backend of your business some love. 

When you can embrace seasons in your business, it gives you that ability to release any judgment of yourself and release any feelings of guilt about not being at the same level of productivity all the time. 

3- Whether You’re Sure or Not, Continue to Take Action

 Maybe you're not a hundred percent sure if that niche is right for you, but it’s better to actually go for it and take action on it instead of sitting in indecision for months, or even years. You don't have to take drastic action, but keep moving forward.

 Even if it doesn't seem a hundred percent clear or you're not a hundred percent sure, why not start somewhere. You will not find clarity if you stay stuck in analysis paralysis. It's never going to come until you move forward. 

4- Stop Charging Hourly Pricing

 A lot of times when we're thinking about how to package up our services for our clients, and we're looking at everything that we're doing for them, we realize that so many of the things that we’re doing aren't in line with that initial mission statement or that vision that we have for our business. 

Stopping hourly pricing is not just about earning more. It's also about seeing your business in a very different way. I've seen some big mindset shifts, income shifts and just overall transformations that happen when you finally make that leap and say, “I am not going to charge hourly pricing anymore.” 

5- Go All In on Your Zone of Genius, But Stay Flexible

When you choose a specialty, it’s there to help you focus your business, focus your marketing, and find higher-quality clients.

 But it doesn't mean that you should turn a blind eye to other opportunities. If it lights you up, if it excites you, if it aligns with your mission and values, even if it's outside your specialty, you never have to turn down opportunities that can help you grow in different ways. 

6- Building Relationships with Other Service Providers Can Be a Goldmine of Opportunity

 Building relationships with other service providers, whether they're in your niche or not, can be so incredibly fruitful in so many ways. Whether they're hiring you to do something or they're referring you to do something, building relationships with other service providers will open the doors to so many opportunities for you

 So if you're not doing that, I really recommend it. That's kind of the basis of why I started The Support Squad Membership. It's a really safe place for you to get started. You can also try doing this on Instagram or in Facebook groups because getting involved and building personal relationships with other service providers can bring so much magic your way. 

7- Zoom Out Before You Dive Into Implementation

 This is something that I see come up a lot with service providers because so much of what we do for our clients is implementing things. But in our own business what can happen is we come up with an idea and we immediately start thinking, “Okay, what are the specifics here? What are the technical things I need to set up? What are the logistics of how this needs to happen?

 But I really believe when you have an idea, you should zoom out and look at: does this match the greater vision for my business? Does it make sense in my offer suite? Is it something that I'm going to enjoy doing long-term?

 Let it sit and let it marinate before you decide. There's a stage to move into implementation, but don't skip over the discovery exploration phase because you could end up doing something that's not so in line with what you actually want for your business because you're so focused on making it happen.

So before you actually start implementing new strategies make sure it's aligned and make sure that it makes sense in the big picture of your business.

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