Ep. 056 Using Dubsado to Streamline Your Virtual Assistant Business with Amanda Bellamy

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One of the ways that we as business owners can take some things off of our plates and streamline is by utilizing automation as much as we can. And one of my favorite ways to do this is with the all-in-one client management software Dubsado.

Now, I use Dubsado to manage my client experience, but I am definitely not an expert. So to help me dive into this conversation, I’ve invited one of my incredible Support Squad members, Amanda Bellamy onto the podcast today.  

Amanda is going to talk with us about Dubsado and how it not only helped her get organized in her business, it’s also become a high-impact signature service that she can offer to clients.

Here’s a little bit about Amanda:

She is a Systems OBM who is passionate about helping coaches and creatives scale their businesses by managing their back-end systems and projects.  

Her favorite part of being a done-for-you service provider is supporting women (the change-makers) who are working to create a life by their own design!  

When she’s not working, you can find her either in the gym or hanging out in nature with her husband and two daughters.

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Today we’re going to talk about

  • Why Dubsado setup is such a great signature service for virtual assistants
  • What kinds of clients hire virtual assistants for Dubsado setup services
  • How you can use Dubsado in your own business
  • The many ways that Dubsado can uplevel your skillset by helping you understand workflows, etc.

Let’s dive in with Amanda!


Sharon Nissen:

Can you tell us about your life and how you got into the virtual assistant world? 

Amanda Bellamy:

Sure. So I'll give you the Cliff’s Notes version because there's a lot, but basically I worked in corporate for about 10 years and this was after being a stay at home mom with my girls and I believed a lot of women in my generation did, that if you didn't have the 9 to 5 and the white picket fence and the 2.5 children, then you wouldn't be successful. So I worked really hard in the corporate industry to move my way up in positions and I did quite well in my career. And honestly, I probably would have stayed there until I retired, but as we know, life can sometimes throw some curve balls and my husband is military and we got a posting message that we had to move to a different community in 2016. So I was able to actually work from a satellite office, our new location, but it was really far away from our house. 

So it was about three hours of driving on a good weather day plus really long days. And I was really finding it harder over time to maintain such a demanding schedule and that's when I discovered that people were building businesses online that you really could be successful working from home as your own business owner. So that's when I started off in the online space as a virtual assistant, I was just helping other business owners with things like social media, backend tasks, simple things. And more recently I've moved into more of a niche role. I support coaches and creatives and getting their backend systems set up properly and efficiently and really streamlining their onboarding process and one of the favorite tools that I like to work with is Dubsado. 

Sharon Nissen:

In The Support Squad, we’ve been talking a lot about signature services for VA's and what a difference it can make to have that thing that makes you stand out and that amazing service you can offer to people. So why Dubsado and why has that been what you've been drawn to and why do you suggest that for other VA's as well? 

Amanda Bellamy:

Well, first and foremost, a lot of business owners know, it's a really great platform to streamline the onboarding process. I find that's why most people sign up for it, but they just really don't have the time to sit down and figure out the whole program because it really is robust and it can do a lot of things. And the value of having someone else be able to set it up properly for them, it's huge. It's time that they can be out there getting more clients. There's value in that. 

The second reason is it can really act as a gateway for a VA to a whole new world, learning this program is going to improve your skillset. It's going to teach you about how to properly plan out workflows and the important parts of streamlining an online business. So, if you find that you're good at planning out workflows and enjoy it, you can start to move on to other programs as well. And of course you can also charge a higher rate, which is what most of us are looking for to be able to find that service that we can become a higher level. 

Sharon Nissen:

I see Dubsado as a beast that if you can tame it, you have magical powers because as you said, it is such a robust system. What kinds of clients do you find are typically looking for help with Dubsado? 

Amanda Bellamy:

So I would say Dubsado is very attractive to the business owner who wants more organization in their business, in the back end of things. So I've worked personally with a lot of creative types, so they use it now and they absolutely love it. So photographers, designers, copywriters, but really I haven't seen a limit. I've seen coaches and other niches use it very successfully. And so I think that if you can really get around marketing it well to your chosen niche, it can fit into many different areas because of that automation and customization. 

Sharon Nissen:

Do you feel that Dubsado is also just worth learning just for your own virtual assistant business, even if you don't want to offer it as a signature service? 

Amanda Bellamy:

Absolutely. It has helped... I'll tell you a bit when I first started using it. I was under the three client trial version and I wasn't sure if I wanted to invest in it yet and then my three client trial had expired and so I tried to navigate away from it and I swear to goodness, it saved me so much time in my week that I just automatically signed up for it because there was no way I was going to live without using Dubsado. It just keeps everything so organized and I find it kind of presents a higher level brand because you have your proposal, your contract, your invoice, it's all together. There's no back and forth. And in the end I find it also can help you with your conversion rate because there's no second guessing in between all of these stages. It's all right there.

Sharon Nissen:

You're going to be our guest expert in The Support Squad for June and you're going to be talking to us about Dubsado. Can you tell us a little bit about what that training is going to look like and what we're going to learn from you this month?

Amanda Bellamy:

Yeah, so because some VA's have not maybe used Dubsado before, I really want to introduce them to the program by doing like a screen-share walkthrough. Show them everything in the program and what it's for, and then really walk everybody through a simple onboarding workflow that they could use themselves if they wanted to try out using Dubsado in a proper way. I really want your group to be able to take this training and be able to use it.

If you want to dive deeper into our thriving virtual assistant community, here’s what’s coming up in the membership this month:

Our theme is Dubsado and Amanda Bellamy is providing a step by step training on how to create a streamlined client onboarding workflow.

To help you create your boutique onboarding experience, I am also sharing a guide with 20 great client welcome gift ideas that will work with any budget

Members will also receive templates for creating a pre-Discovery Call questionnaire and an offboarding questionnaire to guide your clients through their experience with ease.

 And of course, we’ll have 2 live group coaching calls and you’ll get access to all the past content in the membership area.

 Join us now with a free 14-day trial at thesupportsquad.com. I’ll see you in there. Until next time, boss babe.

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