Ep. 065 3 Steps to Turn Your Existing Skills into an Online Business

Aug 29, 2020

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When you hear that it's possible to turn your existing skills into an online business as a virtual assistant, it can be hard to fill in the dots. How does my past experience as a preschool teacher translate to the online space?

It's all about looking back at times when you innovated or created something that made your life or someone else's life easier and figuring out the steps you need to take to bring that skill to life online.

In this episode of The Support Squad, I'm sharing my 3 Steps to Turn Your Existing Skills into an Online Business.

Tune in to hear:

💎 How to determine which of your skills could be most valuable

💎 The process for leveraging your skills into in-demand services

💎 How to set yourself up for scaling and refining your services

Step 1: Identify Your Natural Skills & Strengths

First, I want you to sit down with a pen & paper and reflect on your past work & life experience. Where have you created or innovated something that made your life or someone else's life easier?

Step 2: Match Your Skills with Virtual Services

Download my free e-book and start to make connections between your natural skills and the hundreds of services that virtual assistants can offer.

Step 3: Refine, Package, & Scale Your Services

Learn the tech pieces that will help you to provide great service to your clients. YouTube and Google are your friends!

If you want to dive deeper into our thriving virtual assistant community, here’s what’s coming up in the membership this month:

Our theme is Foundations for Success, and legal expert Layne Lyons, JD is sharing the contracts we need to have in place to protect our business. This strong legal foundation will give the confidence to grow! 

I’m also sharing a Trello Board to help guide you in creating the foundation for your virtual assistant business and a Building Confidence workbook to help you tap into your inner CEO. 

And of course, we’ll have 2 live group coaching calls and you’ll get access to all the past content in the membership area.

 Join us now with a free 14-day trial at thesupportsquad.com. I’ll see you in there. Until next time, boss babe.

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