Squad Spotlight: Gloria Garcia - Social Media Management and Administrative VA for Coaches & Creatives

In this Squad Spotlight, I'm excited to introduce you to one our fabulous virtual assistants in The Support Squad Membership Community, Gloria Garcia!

Gloria Garcia

Website | Instagram

Email: [email protected]

What services do you offer and who do you offer them to?

Gloria: I serve female coaches and creatives with their Social Media Management, designing opt-in freebies such as PDFs, Ebooks, IGTV covers, all social platform images, administrative tasks-email management, creating and doing minor video editing, creating SOPs, uploading blog content to WordPress and SquareSpace sites, adding students or making minor updates to clients' Thinkific Courses.

Tell us about your journey as a virtual assistant - what lead you to this path? What has your evolution looked like?

Gloria: After having worked for a Fortune 500 company for 13 years, the company decided to relocate and while they did offer relocation benefits, I chose to stay. Hence, leaving me without a job and becoming a stay at home mom.

Feeling unaccomplished and with no purpose, I decided to start my blog and after a couple years of blogging and being in the virtual world, I heard about Virtual Assistants.

I then started working as a Spanish Interpreter from home for two different companies but still felt like I was at a job as I had a set schedule in one of them and felt I couldn't have that flexibility I was looking for.

Then one day while in a VA Facebook group, a VA agency for cleaning businesses had an opportunity for a Bilingual VA and I submitted my information and was subcontracted for almost two years.

Although I learned a lot, being on the phones and listening to complaints wasn't fulfilling me anymore and decided to part ways. I then decided to pursue having my own VA business and also being a sub VA at a different VA agency that uses my Social Media Management skills with clients I enjoy doing work for.

What is something you've accomplished in your business that you're SUPER proud of?

I am proud that I was able to pursue a dream I thought wasn't possible, being a work from home woman entrepreneur.

Breaking my own insecurities and still trying to overcome them day in and day out. Not listening to that voice that told me I can't do this or owning a business is too difficult to keep trying.

I'm proud that I was able to get my own clients and pushing to get paid what I'm worth even though it scared me to death to ask for that pay increase.

Why did you join The Support Squad?

I had been following Sharon from The Support Squad on her social platforms and had signed up for her Podcast because she offers valuable information and tips for VAs. If she was willing to do all this for VAs for free, what can I expect in a paid membership?

A lot of more awesome and amazing trainings from guest experts and her own knowledge and experiences!

One of the things I learned was from Kristi with her knowledge of charging what value you have to offer the client and not just the time you save a client. Another great training was from Adrienna with her Pinterest 101 training. How Peggy went from no clients to multiple clients in a short period of time with her knowledge of using social media to speak and get in front of your ideal clients. Romaine was another great guest who shared the things she wished she knew about being a VA, plus so many other experts that I've met and followed since.

Get in touch with Gloria here: 

Website | Instagram

Email: [email protected]

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