Ep. 066 How to Hustleproof Your Business and Understand the Facebook Algorithm with Minessa Konecky

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Two things that I've been talking about a lot with virtual assistants in The Support Squad lately are how to simplify and streamline your business and how to demystify Facebook and get your posts seen. 

My guest on the podcast today magically happens to be in expert in both of those things. Minessa Konecky is a business coach and social strategist and she's here today to teach us how to identify the places in our business that are leaking our time and energy and how to master the Facebook algorithm so that you can use it for major impact in your business.

Minessa totally speaks my language and even made me cry when she told me about her grounding morning ritual. You guys are going to LOVE her, so let's dive in.

Let me tell you a bit about Minessa:

Minessa Konecky is a business coach and social strategist. She’s a writer, speaker, creator of the Social Strategy Squad, and Renovate Your Facebook program. She spent the last several years helping female entrepreneurs successfully integrate business into their lives without letting it take over entirely. Her mission is to empower businesswomen to design and live the life they want to right now by using an effective blend of mindfulness, neuropsychology, social media know-how, and a f**kton of 80s and 90s pop culture analogies.

A New Englander who prefers to drink iced tea from supes fancy glasses, she lives next to a cemetery with her 3 dogs and husband, where she enjoys morning walks, meditating, and binge watching post-apocalyptic sci-fi and fantasy TV shows.

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Tune in to hear:

  • The myth that you need to do ALL THE THINGS in order to have a successful business
  • How Minessa's past experience in crisis management came in handy in her business coaching
  • Why you need to identify and eliminate your business "pacifiers"
  • How desperation for money will block you from receiving it

 Highlights from this episode:

On creating a hustleproof business:

“I was working 24/7, I wasn't sleeping, I was really, really sick. I was starting to get really ill. And even though money was coming in and on the outside it looked like we were creating this uber-successful life (which we were), but on the inside, everything was decaying from the inside out.

I realized that something had to change and I was going to have problems if I didn't buckle down. So I realized what I wanted to do was figure out: why is it that some people hustle and they do great and some people hustle and hustle and hustle thinking that the more they work the more results they'll get.

That's when I realized that for many business owners, we think our productivity is tied to the number of hours we work and I realized that it's not the number of hours, it's the activities that you're doing."

On finding and utilizing the right tools for your business:

“Many of us create tools for our clients, but a lot of times it's so hard for us to implement the same tools and systems for our business. Like we're talking to our clients about 'Hey listen, make sure you're using email', meanwhile it's not a system we've set up for ourselves.

On understanding the Facebook algorithm:

“If you don't know how the algorithm works, it's like you're standing in an auditorium and saying all of these amazing things about your business, things that will help other people, things that will make their lives better, but to an empty audience.

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