Ep. 068 4 Steps to Becoming an Expert in Your Niche


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Do you want to be seen as the “go-to gal” in your industry or niche?

The best way to earn more as a virtual assistant is to be seen as an expert in your field. And unfortunately, that kind of status doesn’t just happen by accident. If you want to stand out as the authority on your niche, you’re going to need to totally immerse yourself in your area of focus and show up consistently for your audience.

On today’s episode of The Support Squad, I’m sharing 4 Steps to Becoming an Expert in Your Niche. 

Tune in to hear: 

  • Why it’s important to be super excited about your niche
  • How to get the latest information about your industry
  • The #1 thing that sets leaders apart from run-of-the-mill service providers

#1 Choose an area of focus that absolutely excites you

Your virtual assistant business is going to change and evolve over time, and that’s totally okay! The area of focus you choose now, might not be what you’re doing forever. But I do recommend that you focus on ONE niche for at least 6 months before moving onto something else. This is about the time it takes to build trust and authority with an audience. 

 Since you’ll be focusing on one area for at least 6 months at a time, make sure you’re choosing something that really excites you! Not only does that excitement work like a magnet for attracted clients, but it will keep you from getting bored since you’ll be totally immersing yourself in your niche. Which brings me to my next point:

#2 Immerse yourself in your niche

In order to be seen as THE expert in your niche, you’ll want to know everything about it. Especially in the beginning stages of building authority, you should be listening to all the podcasts, reading all the blogs, and networking with others in the same niche.

I also highly recommend being on the email list of any of the software or services that are commonly used in your niche. For example, if you want to be a Pinterest expert, make sure you’re getting all the latest updates from Tailwind, so that you are keeping up to date with current trends and best practices. If you’re the expert, you never want to be in the situation where your client knows more than you do.

#3 Form your own opinions and strategies

After you’ve totally immersed yourself in your niche and gotten as much information as you can, it’s really important to take a step back every now and then to reflect on your own opinions and strategies. What sets experts apart from run-of-the-mill service providers is that they have their own unique perspectives and ways of doing things.  

You don’t want to just regurgitate information. It’s important to constantly evaluate what’s working and what’s not working and form your own expert opinion. 

#4 Show up with consistency

Consistency leads to success. It’s just a fact. If you want people to see you as the expert in your niche, you need to start showing up for them and sharing value on a regular basis.

The great news is that this can look however you want it to look. Take some time to discover the marketing strategies and platforms that you love to use for your business and then find a way to be consistent. Maybe it’s a daily mini training in your IG stories. Maybe it’s a weekly YouTube video, or a podcast or a blog. Find a way of creating content that feels fun and exciting for you and show up often enough that your audience learns what to expect from you.

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