Ep. 118 How Your Sense of Self-Worth is Impacting Your Sales with Pauline Mulabay

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Ever struggle with confidently telling clients your rates? Or feel like a failure because you’re not meeting the same $10k months that you see others reach?

You’re not alone. Most virtual assistants and service providers struggle with these same things even though they are confident in their ability to provide great service to their clients.

 My pal Pauline Mulabay believes that these struggles are due to a lack of self-worth, and that entrepreneurs often struggle with worthiness because they aren’t separating themselves from their business.

In this episode, Pauline is sharing simple practices for connecting with your own mission & vision, tips for showing up more confidently on sales calls, and why it’s important to get support in your business so that you maintain a healthy perspective.

 Tune in if you know you have great skills, but your self-doubt and imposter syndrome has kept you from showing up confidently on sales calls!

Let me tell you a little bit about Pauline:

From grappling with imposter syndrome and anxiety in the corporate world to becoming the CEO of her own online business, Pauline’s passion lies in empowering visionaries with strategy, coaching, and implementation support so they can be unstoppable.

Combining her experience in Fortune 500 companies, managing multiple podcasts, and occasionally powerlifting. Now she helps others own their time, wealth, and joy in life.

 With her extensive background in big tech and finance corporations (Google, Aberdeen Standard Investments), and working with tech start-ups, she’s the business growth strategist that was in the belly of the beast. She uses her expertise in tech design and user experience to set businesses on a path to prosperity, and help women be successful CEOs without sacrificing their happiness.

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How did you become a Director of Operations and a coach?

I actually started off as a podcasting VA and then from there I could see that my clients needed more help with their operations and their projects. From there, my role just kind of grew a bit with each client and my offers just got more refined as I went along the journey.

 I tried to be an online business manager but I felt like I had more leadership skills and my role was a little bit more strategic than that. I was really being a virtual COO to a lot of my clients. So, I was actually managing online business managers for my clients as well. There have been some ups and downs. The online space is constantly moving. That's why I love it. It's really fast paced. You learn so much in a short amount of time and I managed to grow a team as well. Now I have my own framework where I teach other people how to basically own their wealth, time, and joy in life.  

Why is inner work so important for entrepreneurs?

Any entrepreneur will tell you that entrepreneurship is one big, long journey of personal development and it will always be uncomfortable at times and actually when you are the most uncomfortable, that's probably when you know you're leveling up. So that's a good thing. 

 Figure out your north star, then from there figure out your mission for your business, your vision statements, and then your core values and then don’t be afraid to dream big. Imposter syndrome is never going to go away. It’s human nature. It will always be there so embrace it but don’t let it get in the way. The most cliche saying that I always live up to is basically just feel the fear and do it anyway.

How is our sense of self worth related to our ability to make sales and charge what we’re worth?

 When we start our own business, because a lot of us are freelancers or self-employed, it's very, very personal. So when we charge something, a lot of us inadvertently charge what we think we're worth rather than the value that our work brings.

 The right way of thinking is knowing that what's for you is there and it's for you, and also knowing that you are good enough, You are complete just as you are. You don't need to be a 5k. 10K, 15K, or 20K month VA to be complete as a person. You are complete as a person, and you need to remind yourself of that every single day, regardless of what happens in your business. When you are getting the sales calls, really try to be more of a scientist or someone who's very objective and compute what value you’ll be bringing to that client.

 If you are saving them 20 hours a week, because you're project managing for them, or you're managing their teams, or you're generating 10K revenue because you're creating a marketing funnel for them, that is what you should be looking at and not yourself and listening to all the negative self-talk that all of us have.

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