Ep. 115 4 Common Myths About Podcast Management


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You guys have heard me talk about podcast management over the last couple of episodes, and are starting to share some of your questions with me.

Some common ones I get are:

 “Are people even still starting podcasts?”

“I’m not really great with tech - isn’t podcasting hard to learn?”

“Don’t I need to get more experience before I niche to podcast management?”

 These are valid questions, and are rooted in some pervasive myths that we often hear about the podcast industry.

 In today’s episode, I’m going to debunk 4 of the most common misconceptions about podcast management for good. I’m ready to clear this stuff up once and for all!

 If you’ve been thinking about niching to podcasting, but are worried that there are too many obstacles in your way, this episode is for you!

Myth #1: The Podcast Industry is Oversaturated

When you hop on Instagram, it might seem like there's a lot of service providers who are specializing in podcast management, and you might be thinking “Is there even room for any more podcast managers?” 

 I want to come at this from two angles. So first of all, there's the practical side: are there really enough podcasts to go around?

 If you feel like there's not enough people creating podcasts and too many people to manage them, that's not true. You might be thinking of podcasts in an outdated way. Like back in the day, when podcasts first started, you had to already have a platform or be well-known to start a podcast.

 But these days, podcasts are just another form of content creation, similar to blogging or YouTube. Most online coaches are not trying to become celebrities by having a podcast, what they are wanting to do is just have a new way of creating content that's going to connect with their ideal clients. 

 People are continuing to start podcasts at a higher rate every year, because we've seen how powerful it is as a form of content.

 And then there’s the mindset side: How do I deal with the competition of other podcast managers? How do I stand out? 

 I believe there is no competition. I believe that if we can get clear on what we offer, we get clear on who our ideal client is. we get visible, and we provide great service, there's no competition for that. 

 You can carve out your own unique space inside the podcasting world. It just takes getting clarity, showing up and making it happen.

Myth #2: It’s Technical and Difficult to Learn

If you’ve never used platforms like Libsyn or Buzzsprout, it can seem really daunting because you’re actually broadcasting something out into the world and it can seem kind of scary to imagine yourself being the person in control of that.

 I completely taught myself how to be a podcast manager and what I learned is that it's so systemized, you only have to learn each piece of the process once and you can use that same kind of template or process again and again.

 Yes, there are some technical things you're going to learn, but I think you'll find when doing it, it's a lot easier than you think it is. .

Myth #3: You Need Experience to Get Started

You don't have to have experience in order to do the work. You just have to make sure you can deliver the results that the clients expect. That might take, doing some research and mapping out every step. 

 I recommend getting clear on every step involved with editing and publishing a podcast and asking yourself ”How can I learn how to do that? Can I go on YouTube to find tutorials on how to do that? Can I ask someone for help?” 

 Another important thing to remember is that you don't necessarily have to do every piece of the process. You can either create packages that leave out the pieces that you don't like to do or start thinking about how you outsource pieces to a subcontractor. 

Myth #4: Podcasting is Stressful

Podcast management is actually the least stressful thing I ever did as a service provider, because it’s possible to create a production plan that allows a lot of space. 

 One of my biggest mottos is “There are no emergencies in podcasting.” A skilled podcast manager will be able to work with their clients to create a production schedule that allows stress-free creation for everyone. 

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