Ep. 113 How Niching to Podcast Management Changed My Entire Business


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Question for you: have you ever experienced a moment of clarity or an “aha” moment that changed the way you did things from then on?

I’ve experienced many of those moments in my business, but one of the most powerful ones was when I decided to focus on podcast management as my niche.

 That single decision was a turning point in my life, and led to more fulfillment, profit, confidence, and structure in my business

 The thing is: we are told all of the time to niche down in our businesses, but I didn’t really understand how powerful and true that was until I put it to practice in my own business.

 In today’s episode, I’m going to share how niching down to podcast management transformed the way I approached service-based work. 

If you’re thinking about niching down (and especially if you’re considering podcast management), this episode is for you!

Utilized All of My Skills

As a general virtual assistant, I was so good at so many different things and I really enjoyed having some diversity in my work.

 I've always considered myself to be very creative, but I've found through my business that I really enjoy creating systems and structures. My favorite thing was working with my clients on strategy, helping to figure out the next best steps in their business. 

 When I got into podcast management, I realized it allowed me to combine all of these things. Inside podcast management I was able to use my tech skills to help them edit, my project management skills to help them create systems and structure for production, and my creative skills to design graphics and create marketing assets. 

 I realize I don't have to offer everything to everyone in order to use all of my skills. It can all be packaged up in a pretty little podcast management package..


I also found that once I niched to podcast management, my clients started referring me to their friends because here's the thing:

 If you have a specific ideal client, and then if you also have a specific specialty that you offer to those specific clients, guess what? Those clients all have friends within their industry that they can refer to you.

 It became a really great way of bringing in new leads into my business, making new connections, and getting more entrenched in an industry that I already loved. 


The absolute game changer with podcast management was the structure that it allowed in my business. 

Podcasts are pretty consistent. Most podcasters are going to make it a priority to put out a podcast episode every week, but they don’t necessarily want to be recording a podcast episode every week.

My clients and I started thinking about how they could start to batch their episodes and start to really plan in advance what their content for a quarter would look like. When we did that, it created so much space for me and my clients. 

The process for every episode is exactly the same.  Especially during the pandemic when we were all operating with less time and less energy,  I knew that with podcasting, I could so easily get into these systems and plug and play for each episode. I could still deliver high quality content to my clients without burning myself out or driving myself crazy.


The other really beautiful transformation that happened as I niched into podcast management was my confidence just exploded. I had spent so much time working with so many different clients on devising strategies for their podcast, creating backend systems to support production that I really felt like I knew the ins and outs.

 I really started to notice a major shift that happened in the dynamic between me and my clients. Back when I was that all purpose general VA doing all the things for them, it very much felt more like that employer/employee relationship. Whereas when I niched into podcast management, suddenly I was being seen more on the same level as my clients. They saw that they had their unique zones of genius and I was operating in mine.


Collaborating with my clients on their podcasts was one of the most rewarding things I've done. I was working with very inspiring, empowering women who were doing amazing work in the world. I found so much joy and fulfillment from sitting down with my headphones on, listening to their words and learning new things from them

 I got into a rhythm with doing the weekly podcast editing where it was almost like going to class each week, but in a fun way. It didn't feel like work. I was learning from people that I already looked up to and admired so much.

 If you can find clients that are aligned with you, you're going to be constantly surrounding yourself with messaging that inspires you, educates you, and uplifts you. 

Taught Me the Potential of Podcasts as a Marketing Tool

Becoming a podcast manager helped me to recognize the power of podcasts as a foundational marketing tool for people. Podcasts are a very powerful thing when we get into it. They’re such an intimate way to connect with people and such a systemized way of creating content.

 With a weekly podcast, you can easily create three or four social media posts a week, a newsletter every week, and a blog every week - and it starts with podcasting as that foundation.

 It showed me how all of the different pieces of marketing can come together in a really amazing way, especially when we work with our clients to create strategic plans for creating that podcast content.

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Because of the transformation I saw in my business when I niched to podcast management, I’m ready to share all of my secrets with service providers who are also interested in becoming podcast managers.

 And if you know anything about me, you’ll know that I’m pretty extra and I expect the folks I mentor to become the best of the best.

 That’s why I’m excited to announce a new live workshop on October 27 (my birthday!)

The workshop is called Not Your Basic Podcast Manager: 4 Steps to Becoming a Profitable, In-Demand Podcast Pro and inside I’ll be teaching you what it takes to stand out from the rest as a podcast manager. 

 Join me to learn: 

  • How to find your podcasting “special sauce”
  • How to take a leadership role with clients
  • My process for helping clients create a strategic and intentional plan for podcast content
  • Secrets behind building streamlined systems for production

 If you’ve been thinking about getting started with podcasting or wanting to take your current podcasting skills to the next level, you won’t want to miss this!

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