As I teach in my signature workshop Spotlight Your Specialty, choosing a specialty for your service-based business and marketing it in an authentic way is the most powerful first step to building a happy, profitable business.


My 1:1 Spotlight Sessions are designed as the next step after Spotlight Your Specialty - to help you remove the blocks that have prevented you from going all-in on your specialty, empower you to make a strong decision, and create an action plan to begin marketing your specialty to your dream clients.

Your specialty is your superpower.

And you get to choose it.

In your gut - you know that having a specialty for your business is the missing piece to bringing in the kinds of clients (and income!) that you desire...but something, maybe fear or overwhelm, has stopped you from going all in.

Everything you need to specialize your business is already available to you. (Read that again!) All that you're missing is the confidence and aligned action to step into the spotlight and declare your superpower to the world.


Empowered service providers are happy service providers.

Don’t confuse being of service with being passive!

When your services, the clients you serve, and the way you run your business are deeply aligned with your values and desires, you are able to serve in a much more powerful way.

Having a specialty puts you in the driver's seat of your business - giving you the power and confidence to choose the projects you work on and the clients you work with.

I’m here to be your guide as you step into the spotlight as a service provider - in a way that feels authentic and true to you.

A Spotlight Session includes:

  • An in-depth Self-Discovery questionnaire to help you uncover your strengths, goals, and values.
  • A live 90-minute session where I’ll guide you through the process of choosing your specialty and creating an action plan to begin marketing it.
  • A post-session PDF that summarizes our session, declares your specialty, and outlines your action plan

Here's how it works:

Step 1:

Clear your space, take a deep breath, and complete the Self-Discovery questionnaire. This will set the tone for our time together and help us hit the ground running.

Step 2:

We’ll meet on Zoom, ground into the session together, and begin the experience of empowering you to choose a specialty and creating an action plan to market it.

Step 3:

After our session, you’ll receive a PDF summary of our session and an outline of the action plan we created.

Step 4:

You will step into your business with a new sense of clarity and purpose, knowing that you’ve now chosen a specialty that will allow you to serve clients in a more powerful, aligned way.

You need a Spotlight Session if you...

...want to feel empowered in choosing a specialty for your service-based business.

...want to shine as the bright CEO and expert that you are.

...want to use your specialty as a marketing tool for drawing in dream clients.

...are tired of taking a passive role in your own business - taking the tasks and clients that come to you.

...want your business to feel deeply and authentically YOU.

...want to create a consistent plan for marketing your business in an aligned way.


Investment: $250