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Minessa Konecky

Training: Facebook in a Nutshell: Understand the Algorithm and Create Content That Will Reach Your Audience

Minessa Konecky is a business coach and social strategist. She’s a writer, speaker, creator of the Social Strategy Squad, and Renovate Your Facebook program. She spent the last several years helping female entrepreneurs successfully integrate business into their lives without letting it take over entirely. Her mission is to empower businesswomen to design and live the life they want to right now by using an effective blend of mindfulness, neuropsychology, social media know-how, and a f**kton of 80s and 90s pop culture analogies.

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Layne Lyons, JD

Training: How to Protect Your Virtual Assistant Business with Contracts that Elevate Your Brand.

Layne Lyons, J.D. is a lawyer and legal expert for women entrepreneurs looking to grow and expand their business and enjoy peace of mind knowing they are legally protected.  Her 25 years as a Duke Law School educated lawyer gave her the experience to create the Legal Umbrella Method™ which simplifies legal protections and makes an often intimidating topic approachable and easy to understand.  

Unlike many lawyers, Layne uses plain English in all the contracts she creates for clients. She is always ready with real-life examples and humorous analogies to help her clients follow all the legal concepts.  

Layne speaks on stages across the country, empowering women to level up their business, own their voice and live big. 

Connect with Layne: Website | Book a Free Call | Facebook | Protect Your Biz Legal Checklist
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Tiffany Lewis

Training: Master Your Message: Using Storytelling to Highlight Your Signature Offer 

Tiffany Lewis is the owner of Propel Virtual Solutions. Tiffany is a Content Strategist and Conversion Copywriter, who helps female coaches build relationships and increase sales through website, email sequence, sales page, and of course - content and copywriting.

Tiffany knows that when high demand female entrepreneurs have the right words to elevate their voice and articulate their message, they can empower more women. With a background in Communications, PR, and Education, Tiffany understands the value of being a strategic partner and making the client’s dreams a reality. 

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Ryann Dowdy

Training: Networking 101- How to Meet New People Every Day (Without Cold Messaging!)  

Ryann Dowdy a sales coach that helps brand new, B2B service providers make money doing what they love - by mastering their sales conversations and their sales mindset. 

She supports ambitious, smart, motivated, female entrepreneurs as they work towards their business goals. She believes that mastering basic sales skills is the key to greatly increasing the number of clients you work with, reaching your income goals, and living the life you imagined when you started your business.

Connect with Ryann: Facebook Group | Instagram | 5-Step System for Getting Clients
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Amanda Bellamy

Training: Integrating Dubsado Into Your Virtual Assistant Business  

Amanda Bellamy is a Systems OBM who is passionate about helping coaches and creatives scale their businesses by managing their back-end systems and projects. Her favourite part of being a done-for-you service provider is supporting women (the change-makers) who are working to create a life by their own design! When she’s not working, you can find her either in the gym or hanging out in nature with her husband and two daughters.

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Tasha Booth

Training: How to Develop a Signature Service for Your Virtual Assistant Business

Tasha Booth began her journey in the online business space five years ago as a virtual assistant when she decided she was tired of living an ‘ordinary’ life on someone else’s terms. As her business grew, so did her commitment to helping others figure out how to make the life they craved a reality. 

Now, whether she’s leading her team of 18 to support established coaches and course creators as the Founder and CEO of The Launch Guild agency, coaching virtual support professionals as they start and scale their own business, or hosting the ‘How She Did That’ podcast for VAs, OBMs, and project managers, Tasha is always helping other entrepreneurs live more fully in their zone of genius.  

Connect with Tasha: The Launch Guild | Facebook | Instagram
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Danielle Hayden

Training: How to Create a Financial Dashboard for Your Business

Danielle Hayden is a reformed corporate CFO (chief financial officer) who is on a mission to help rule-breaking female entrepreneurs understand their numbers so they can gain the confidence needed to create sustainable profits.

After spending 10+ years in the boardroom as a corporate finance officer, Danielle is now in her sweet spot as the co-owner of Kickstart Accounting, Inc. where she helps business owners with bookkeeping, financial analysis, and education and as the author of the Profit Planner book series.

When Danielle isn’t crunching numbers on her clients’ behalf or crafting the next iteration of the Profit Planner, you can find her hanging with her two kids as she inspires them to lead their fullest lives or doing any, and almost every fitness-related activity ranging from Spartan races to pilates.

Connect with Danielle: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Financial Goal Setting Worksheet: This financial planning tool will help your listeners build a strong foundation for success through goal setting, planning, and financial education.

Access the financial goal setting worksheet here.
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Amanda Kolbye

Training: Creating a Captivating and Adaptable Personal Brand

Amanda Kolbye is an international business coach for service-based entrepreneurs and coaches. She helps entrepreneurs scale their online businesses by establishing a personal brand and utilizing social media marketing. Amanda has 3+ years of professional sales and marketing experience. She specializes in marketing, Instagram, launching and sales. She also travels around the world full time and connects with and supports many other digital nomads who are living the laptop lifestyle.

Connect with Amanda: 

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Dani Stratmann

Training: How to Create a High-Converting Welcome Email Sequence

Dani is a Marketing Coach and Email Marketing Consultant for online coaches and service-based providers. She has been building email marketing and sales funnels for various companies for the last five years. Dani is passionate about helping online entrepreneurs simplify their marketing and sales strategy for maximum profit. When not working, you can find her watching Food Network, playing with her dog, Bruce, or binging a show on Netflix.

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Marina Pomar

Training: Branding & Website Basics for Virtual Assistants

Marina is a Graphic + Web Designer & Biz Coach. She is passionate about creating beautiful brands and websites and helping VAs start their own web design business so that they can scale their VA biz and get booked out consistently.

 Marina’s own journey is a testament to what she teaches - she went from being a VA and having only one client to getting booked out consistently within 3 months as a Graphic + Web Designer.

As a practicing web designer herself, Marina believes that anyone who enjoys a good challenge, is not easily frustrated and loves problem-solving can be a web designer with the right training and strategies to create a web design business that brings $3k+ months.

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Brandi Mowles

Training: How & Why to Connect with Your Local Market on LinkedIn

As a social media VA turned Facebook ad and sales funnel strategist, Brandi Mowles has grown her income from $0 to 6-figures in just 10 months.

In addition to running the service-based portion of her business, Brandi also helps other service-based businesses scale to 5-figure months so they can enjoy the same financial and life-freedom that she has.

When she isn't creating a killer Facebook ad or teaching other service-based businesses how to scale, you can find Brandi hanging out with her husband and 14-month old daughter.

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Jessa Glover

Training: Using Instagram Stories to Attract High-Profile Clients

 As a business strategist, Jessa empowers others like herself- wealth-building, purpose-driven womeneurs who mean business.

Her passion is designing insightful and intentional strategy for her clients’ businesses and social platforms. On top of running her business and single-parenting, her education continues through Kennesaw State University while she pursues a BBA in Information Security.

When she is not strategizing and helping others build their empires, Jessa enjoys spending time with her son outdoors, learning new things, and enjoying the best margaritas the city has to offer.

Connect with Jessa:
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Jenna Daykin

Training: How to Create Balance in Your Life + Biz

Jenna Daykin is a systems strategist and brand manager who helps travel professionals and specialized creatives gain back freedom in their businesses through systems implementation and task management. She believes wherever you are, you should be all there - life, business, and everything in between.

You can find her working through her to-do list at a cozy coffee shop, getting lost in the streets of a quaint city, or spending a quiet night in with her husband and two sweet pups.

Connect with Jenna: 


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Peggy Re James

Training: Using Social Media to Build Relationships & Sell Your VA Services

Peggy Re James is a Business Coach for Virtual Assistants. She is passionate about helping Virtual Assistants scale their businesses by giving them both the foundation they need, as well as proven marketing strategies to help propel them quickly to a full-time income.

Peggy firmly believes that hard work combined with the right strategies can lead VA’s to $5k plus months. As a practicing Virtual Assistant herself, Peggy believes that you truly learn and grow by doing - not by waiting for everything to be perfect before taking action. “Done is better than perfect” is her go-to motto! Her favorite part of being a VA Coach is watching women own their superpowers, push past fear and change their futures. 

Connect with Peggy: 
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Adrienna McDermott

Training: Pinterest 101 for Virtual Assistants

Adrienna McDermott is a former bridal boutique owner, wedding planner and florist turned virtual assistant. She is the owner of Ava And The Bee, a virtual assistant and social media managing company for wedding professionals.

Adrienna has been in the wedding industry for 10 years, 5 years working and managing bridal salons, and 4 as the co-owner of Ivory & Beau, a wedding planning, bridal boutique and florist in Savannah, Georgia. With her fine arts degree from Savannah College of Art and Design and the experience of opening 3 business before the age of 28, she has acquired unique knowledge on how to start a business, flourish, and scale. Her work has been seen in print and online publications, including Savannah Weddings Magazine, Green Wedding Shoes, 100 Layer Cake and Ruffled.

Adrienna is also passionate about educating others to become freelance virtual assistants. Through her mentorships and course, The Creative VA Academy, she helps women create businesses of their dreams.

Connect with Adrienna:
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Kristi Monte

Training: Pricing Your Premium Service

Kristi Monte, 23, is a serial entrepreneur and virtual assistant living in Nashville, TN. After starting and scaling multiple businesses before the age of 22, Kristi began her project-based virtual assistant service, VA for a day, in July 2018.

VA for a day combines Kristi’s natural organizational skills with the experience she has gained from her diverse and ambitious professional pursuits by helping creative entrepreneurs streamline and automate their client experience.

In 2019, Kristi launched her unique program, Booked Out VA, to educate and inspire young women to use their skills to become a virtual assistant and design a life they love.

Connect with Kristi:
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Romaine Brown-Palmer

Training: The First Year

Romaine Brown Palmer is the founder of The Executive Administrative Group and a Virtual Assistant Coach. As a VA, she and her awesome team of 4 work with creatives, coaches and solo-entrepreneurs to help them manage and streamline their business through the power of delegation.

Romaine launched her business to achieve the freedom she craved in her life and then her live training/coaching program, Launch Your Virtual Assistant Business in 90 Days, to help others achieve the same. When not making magic happen in other peoples business, she spends her time with her husband and daughter as a professional weekender, enjoying all that South Florida has to offer.

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Amanda Pruden

Training: The Client Experience

Amanda Pruden is an online business strategist. She founded her business, AP Virtual Solutions Inc., in early 2019, two weeks after leaving her corporate job of over 13 years. Amanda is passionate about translating her past career, as a project manager and business analyst, to the online space to support and empower female entrepreneurs who are creating meaningful change.

She works with boss babes to create strategies, and implement solutions with a logical and loving approach. Amanda’s goal is supporting her clients so they can scale and manage their businesses with ease.

Connect with Amanda: