Hey Boss Babe!

I'm Sharon Nissen. I'm a mom of 2, a virtual assistant for life coaches, and the creator of The Support Squad.

I love: photography, drinking on patios, spending time in nature, reading a great memoir or self-development book, and yoga!

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My why?

These guys right here.

My husband Rob is a lover of puns and a hippie at heart. He is happiest when drinking a craft beer and dancing to The Grateful Dead.

Clare is 8. She is like a little fairy: magical and girly but in love with nature and dirt.

Bobby is 3. He is the cuddliest little guy I've ever met and he's never met a snack he didn't like.

I started my business when I was bored, broke, and desperate for a purpose.

I had no training as a virtual assistant (I barely even knew what the term meant!), but through scrappiness, creativity, and sheer determination, I became completely booked-out within 6 weeks of getting started.

And after I landed my first life coach client, I was hooked.

I couldn't believe that I could earn a great living from home doing work that fulfilled me creatively for people whose values aligned so beautifully with my own.

Now it's my mission to help other women find the same joy. . .

My first headshot! Courtesy of my husband, Rob.

My first headshot! Courtesy of my husband, Rob.