The Support Squad

Deep breath....

Things are about to get so much simpler in your business.

I'm using my vast expertise as a virtual assistant for life coaches to help spiritual entrepreneurs hire and onboard their dream virtual assistants with ease.

And I have openings for 2 clients for my new Structure with Soul packages starting September 2, 2019



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Hi, I'm Sharon.

I deeply understand the unique business needs of spiritual entrepreneurs.

As a virtual assistant for soulful female life coaches, I have developed a passion for helping women build systems, automations, and workflows that allow their businesses to run seamlessly in the background as they spend their time serving clients, leading retreats, and caring for themselves and their families.

I also deeply understand what it takes for a virtual assistant to operate at their fullest potential.

As a virtual assistant coach and mentor, I’ve gained insight into what it takes for a virtual assistant to feel supported so that they can use their individual zones of genius to elevate their clients’ businesses.



Pay attention to the signs...

Are you...

  • Working in your business more than 15 hours per week?

  • Neglecting your personal self-care and spiritual practices because you're spending too much time on things like social media and content creation?

  • Completing tasks manually that could be automated or outsourced?

  • Becoming increasingly frustrated and overwhelmed by the moving pieces in your business?

  • Not walking your talk as a spiritual entrepreneur because you don’t have the time to be present in your life?




You want to spend less time on:

  • Social media

  • Customer service

  • Content creation

  • Business operations

  • Team management

  • Event logistics

  • Marketing

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But you haven't hired a virtual assistant because:

  • You are protective of your clients and your brand.

  • You aren’t sure what tasks can and should be delegated.

  • You are afraid of investing in a person that won’t be a good long-term fit for your business.

  • You don’t want to spend time managing a team member.

  • You don’t have any systems in place to easily onboard a virtual assistant.


I see you. I hear you. I can help.

I will remove all of the overwhelm and chaos of finding and hiring a virtual assistant by:

  • Identifying which of your business tasks can be simplified, automated, or delegated to a virtual assistant

  • Eliminating the need for an ongoing online business manager or project manager (a huge expense compared to a regular virtual assistant!) by building rock-solid systems that allow your business to run on auto-pilot

  • Taking you through the process of finding and hiring a virtual assistant that is a perfect fit for your unique business

  • Creating a business operations plan that will allow you to seamlessly and effortlessly onboard, train, and retain a virtual assistant


Introducing the all new




The (All-Inclusive) Structure with Soul Experience :

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FREE 30-minute consultation

We'll discuss the areas where you're struggling in your business, identify tasks that can be simplified, automated, or delegated, and decide which Structure with Soul package makes the most sense for your business needs.

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Biz & Systems Audit Questionnaire

This comprehensive questionnaire to help me to deeply understand your business, your offerings, the systems you already have in place, the software and apps you regularly use, and what tasks take places on a weekly and monthly basis, and your goals for working with a virtual assistant.

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90-Minute Strategy Session

There's a good chance that this will be the most productive 90-minutes you've ever had in your business. During these 90-minutes, we will solidify a plan for what systems and automations need to be created in your business, what tasks will be outsourced to a virtual assistant, and we'll discuss a timeline for finding, hiring, and onboarding your new virtual assistant.

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Customized Action Plan Trello Board

Based on the timeline and goals we discuss in our strategy session, I will create an action plan for you using the project-management software Trello. It will outline all of the steps you need to take in order to meet your goals for hiring a virtual assistant (with deadlines to keep you on track!) With each item you check off, you will be one step closer to time-freedom!