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Positive affirmations can help you get in the right mindset about your business!

I created these 10 affirmation graphics just for virtual assistants. Download these and use them as a wallpaper for your phone, print them out and put them on your desk, or share them in your Instagram stories to inspire other VAs!

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    Hey Boss Babe!

    “I’m not good enough.” “I’ll never be as successful as her.” “Clients will never pay me that high of a rate.” “I’m afraid that my business will fail.”

    Have you ever said any of these things to yourself? Girlllll, I’ve been there. Sometimes, I’m STILL there. Negative self talk and limiting beliefs are things that all entrepreneurs struggle with. And unfortunately, they are things that will seriously hold you back when you are trying to grow your business and reach that next level of success.

    These positive affirmations for virtual assistants are designed to help you let go of your lack mindset and limiting beliefs and step into true abundance in your business

    xoxo, Sharon