Ep. 018 My First Client Part 1: Virtual Assistants Share How They Landed Their First Clients

I seriously could not be more excited about today’s episode. When I put out the request for stories on Instagram and in our Facebook group I was overwhelmed at the response! It’s been so powerful and inspiring to me to listen to other virtual assistants tell the story of how they got their start. I love how different each story is and how many lessons can be learned from each one.

First up we have Jessica Skelton, a soon-to-be wife and a mother to a 1.5 year old son and a 7 year old puppy. She lives with her family in Missouri, where the weather has daily mood swings and they like their raviolis deep-fried!

Jessica took her first steps towards becoming a Virtual Assistant in November 2018 and she got serious about finding clients in January 2019. Her focus as a VA is on Website Design, Pinterest Management, and Email Marketing. And she’s passionate about serving others and allowing her clients to crush their business goals while maintaining balance in all other areas of their lives.

I want you to hear her story, because her first client found her in a Facebook Group where she knew that her ideal client would be hanging out. And the part that I really want you to notice is that her client found her in the comment section on SOMEONE else’s post, and reached out because her personality shined through.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes from her story:

“I stuck out to her because of the amount of personality I put into my pitch. I wasn’t just saying “I’m interested.” I was pitching myself as a VA AND a person.”

Thank you Jessica so much for sharing your story. And keep rocking your business.

Here’s where you can connect with Jessica:

Our next story comes from Tiffany Lewis. Tiffany is the owner of Propel Virtual Solutions. She helps female entrepreneurs optimize their workflow through administration, social media management, email marketing, and design.  She knows that when busy entrepreneurs preserve time and organize systems, their business will thrive. With a background in Communications, PR, and Education, Tiffany understands the value of being a strategic partner and making the client’s dreams a reality. She’s managed successful social media accounts on multiple platforms, and has created efficient business systems that increased productivity. Tiffany also holds a BA in Communications and Public Relations from Xavier University of Louisiana and MA in Education from American University. She’s originally from Atlanta, Georgia, she currently resides in Maryland with her husband and three children.

Here’s a highlight from her story:

“It just takes one yes to get the green light on forever.”

What I love about Tiffany’s story is that her first client came from a personal connection. It’s a great reminder that when you’re starting your business, you should talk to your friends and family about what you’re doing! I mean, Tiffany’s friend ended up selling her services for her at a dinner party. You never know how far your reach might go just with a simple conversation, so don’t be shy about sharing your business with everyone you know!

Here are a few places you can connect with Tiffany:

Untitled design (2).png

Our last story for today comes from Mari Nieves! She is a native of Puerto Rico ( a proud Latina VA 😏) but she currently lives in the beautiful state of Wisconsin with her wonderful hubby of 21 years and their teenage son and daughter. They  enjoy going on road trips and riding the country trails in our side-by-side ATV. Getting to know business owners, establishing a relationship, and helping them take care of and grow their business is what she loves to do. With over 15 years in administrative roles, her goal is to become the go-to gal for those unfinished, unwanted, or future admin tasks that business owners need need to be taken care of and just don't have the time to get done.

You’re going to love hearing about how she stepped outside her comfort zone and approached a business owner that was already in her personal network.

Here’s a great moment from her story:

“Learn from those that have gone before you and teach those that are coming behind you.”

Make sure to connect with Mari at the links below:

Thank you soooo much for sharing your story, Mari! It’s such a great reminder that sometimes the best networking happens offline.

And to all of you VAs out there, still looking for your first client, I hope that you found some inspiration in all of the stories that were shared today. And this episode is going to be a 2-parter! I’ll be sharing more stories like these in next week’s episode.

If you have a story to share or you’re looking for support as you’re building your virtual assistant business, make sure to join us in The Support Squad Hangout on Facebook. You’ll find a talented group of business owners ready to lend an ear. I’ll see you there. Until next time, boss babe.


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