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Ep. 026 How to Appear Confident When Talking About Your Virtual Assistant Business

Want to appear more confident when talking about your virtual assistant business? In this episode of The Support Squad Podcast, virtual assistant for life coaches Sharon Nissen, shares 4 strategies she’s learned to explain her online business to people in a way that is engaging and compelling. Stop stumbling over your words and give your virtual assistant business the credit it deserves!

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Ep. 025 The Summer Slump: 6 Ways Virtual Assistants Can Make the Most of a Slow Season

Virtual assistants might notice that their client work slows down a little bit in the summertime. It can be a huge bummer to see your income go down, but the good news is that if you plan ahead, you can actually make this slow season your favorite season! In this episode of The Support Squad Podcast, Sharon Nissen is sharing 6 ways that virtual assistants can get the most out of a summer slump.

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Ep. 024 Using Grassroots Marketing to Find Aligned Clients for Your Virtual Assistant Business (featuring Romaine Brown-Palmer)

In this episode of The Support Squad Podcast, Sharon Nissen is introducing you to Romaine Brown-Palmer of The Executive Administrative Group. Romaine shares her incredible launch story and tons of great ideas for virtual assistants that want to think outside the box with their client prospecting. (And Romaine has a special goodie for us: Use code SQUADLOVE at to get 20% off your order.)

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Ep. 022 How Virtual Assistants Can Use Automation to Design a Memorable Client Experience (featuring Amanda Pruden)

In this episode of the Support Squad Podcast, Sharon Nissen introduces Amanda Pruden, the VA behind AP Virtual Solutions, Inc. Amanda is an online business strategist who is passionate about translating her past career, as a project manager and business analyst, to the online space to support and empower female entrepreneurs who are creating meaningful change.

She works with boss babes to create strategies, and implement solutions with a logical and loving approach. Amanda is also our first guest expert in The Support Squad Membership Community! Listen to her interview so that you can hear more about her exclusive training about the client experience and how virtual assistants can use automation to provide a more high-touch experience.

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Ep. 018 My First Client Part 1: Virtual Assistants Share How They Landed Their First Clients

Still looking for your first client for you virtual assistant business? This episode is definitely going to inspire you! This week, Sharon Nissen asked 3 virtual assistants to share the story of how they landed their first clients. You’ll hear from Jessica Skelton, Tiffany Lewis, and Mari Nieves. Each story is different and will give you great ideas for building your business!

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