Ep. 031 This is Why You’re Not Getting Clients for Your Virtual Assistant Business

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Since starting The Support Squad Membership Community, I have had the opportunity to connect with so many incredible, talented virtual assistant coaches, mentors, and industry leaders. Each of them has so much wisdom to share and they each shine in different areas. And I’ve found that each time I walk away from a training or podcast recording with one of these brilliant women, my brain is just lit up with all that they’ve shared. I can have the tendency to be so inspired that I think of a new business idea and want to get started on it right away. Or I may feel that because of some advice they shared, I need to completely shift things in my current businesses.

I’m guessing that you might have had this experience. Maybe you listen to tons of podcasts, maybe you are in tons of Facebook groups getting all sorts of brilliant (and sometimes conflicting advice), or maybe you’re a member of The Support Squad Membership Community, and like me, you have a million ideas after listening to each guest expert training. First of all, I want you to know that investing time and energy into learning is always a good idea. I mean, duh, that’s the whole reason I create the Membership Community - ongoing education and learning from lots of different mentors is vital.

The key is to listen and learn with an analytic and strategic mind. Not every piece of advice you receive needs to be implemented in your business right away. Sometimes we hear things that we can use right away to move the needle forward in our businesses, and sometimes we need to mentally file information away that will help us scale our businesses in the future or serve clients better.  


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    Okay, so let’s get to the bottom of this. How do we focus better? I’m going to share a few strategies that might help - 

    1. Don’t be distracted by vanity metrics -

      So vanity metrics are all those numbers that seem exciting and fun, but don’t actually help our businesses in a meaningful way. I’m talking about likes and followers on Instagram, I’m talking about visitors to your website, I’m talking about the number of friends you have on Facebook, I’m talking about the number of people on your email list. As high as any of these numbers are, none of them matter if they’re not making you income. If you are hyper-focused on getting tons of likes and follows on IG, I’m telling you right now: you’re missing the point of this powerful platform. Likes and followers are fun, but they are not a true indicator of whether your message is landing with your ideal client. Peggy Re James, next month’s guest expert is going to dive super deep into this, but I want to introduce you to the idea that your Instagram feed is not where you are going to be making sales. Our feeds are really just the face of our virtual assistant business. The important stuff needs to be taking place behind the scenes, in our DMs and in our stories. This is where you build relationships and convert followers into clients. So if you’re posting on Instagram everyday, constantly checking for likes and new followers, my advice is to spend that time instead making connections with people. DMing your ideal client. Positioning yourself as an expert. And by the way, I’m sharing this because I actually fall prey to this really easily. In the past, I’ve been super obsessed with my followers, my email subscribers, etc. But I know that these things are meaningless if I’m not making a profit. And the funny thing is? Once I let go of that obsession with vanity metrics, all my numbers grew organically at a much higher rate. Coincidence? I think not. 

    2. Choose 2-3 marketing prospecting and ROCK them -

      Maybe you heard that FB groups were a great place to find clients, so you tried it, you didn’t find clients right away, and so you abandoned it for the next thing. Or maybe you attended a local networking event, but didn’t find a client right away, so you never attended another one. You get the picture. So I truly believe that consistency creates success. I’m sure you’ve heard the quote “The temptation to quit will be the greatest just before you’re about to succeed.” And I’ll tell you why that is. It’s because people feel the urge to quit when they’re doing the same thing over and over and not seeing the results that they want, but the thing is, it takes doing the same thing over and over to finally see success. So here’s my advice: pick 2 or 3 marketing strategies and do them consistently and to the best of your ability. So let’s say you choose Facebook groups and Instagram because that’s where your ideal clients are. For your Facebook groups strategy, it can’t just be randomly leaving comments here and there in a bunch of different groups. It’s time to focus. Make a spreadsheet with 5 different groups where you’ll find your ideal client, schedule time each day to go in and leave 2 or 3 value filled comments in each of those groups and then stick around to get involved in the conversation. And then track in your spreadsheet any meaningful interactions you might have. Make note of anyone that might be a potential client and make it a point to build that relationship further. Then for your Instagram strategy, make sure you are writing posts that speak to and serve your potential client. Then, instead of focusing on likes and follows, check out the comment section. Are potential clients leaving comments, asking questions...make sure to track all of these people in a spreadsheet too, so that you can focus on building relationships with them. And if you’re not getting those comments and DMs, it’s time to re-evaluate your messaging. Are you focused on selling or are you focused on serving? Remember: your Instagram feed is not the place to sell. It’s the place to serve. Alright, so how about in-person networking? Do research on local networking events, add a couple or a few of them to your calendar each month, and set goals before you go. So maybe your goal is to walk away with 5 connections that you can follow up with. Go to the events, meet your goal, and then create a focused follow up plan so that you can turn those connections into clients or referrals. So check in with them 2 days later, and then a week later. Follow these connections on social media to stay fresh in their minds. You get the point! The point of all of these strategies is to laser focus your intentions with each one so that you can get the most results for your effort. Dabbling in a million things like Facebook groups, LinkedIn, networking, etc. is probably not going to pay off, because it’s not focused, it’s not strategic, and it’s not intentional.

    3. Do we need to say it again? Define Your Niche -

      You hear it all the time, from me, from other virtual assistants, but that’s because it’s true. If you are not finding clients, it is because you are marketing services that are too broad to an audience that is too broad. If you haven’t focused your messaging yet, girlfriend, it is time. And the good news is that you can evolve and change and focus that message even more over time. But right now: you need to get clear. You need to pick 2-3 services that you are good at and that you love doing and you need to market them directly to your ideal client. And if you think that you’ll be limiting yourself or making things more difficult by focusing like this - trust me, I know this from experience, you’re actually going to feel so much more free! Because you won’t be trying to be everything to everyone. You’ll be selling services you like doing to people you like doing them for! That makes your marketing so much more effortless and joyful. 

    And that’s pretty much what focus does in all areas of your life and business. When you approach everything with laser focus, you’ll find that all the superfluous, draining stuff is no longer necessary. Having focus will not only help you land clients, it will open up time in your life to do things other than running a virtual assistant business. 

    And guess what? One of the best ways I’ve found to find focus, is to seek support from mentors and peers. Having a look at your business through someone else’s eyes will usually help you to see areas that you put more focus and areas where you can draw back. And one of the best places for virtual assistants like you to do that is in The Support Squad Membership Community.

    Remember, when you join our community, you not only get access to personal mentorship and live coaching from me, you also get access to trainings from leaders in our industry and advice from virtual assistants from around the world. If you haven’t joined yet, head on over to thesupportsquad.com. Memberships are still under $20 a month, and might just be the best investment you can make in yourself and your business. I’ll see you in there. Until next time, boss babe!


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