Ep. 032 From Stay-At-Home Mom to Virtual Assistant and Coach in 6 Months with Peggy Re James

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Peggy Re James is a Business Coach for Virtual Assistants. She is passionate about helping Virtual Assistants scale their businesses by giving them both the foundation they need, as well as proven marketing strategies to help propel them quickly to a full-time income. Her favorite part of being a VA Coach is watching women own their superpowers, push past fear and change their futures. When she’s not working, you can find her wrangling her three little girls or reading a self-development book. 

Today we’re chatting about how her journey as a virtual assistant began, how she balances being a mom and a business owner, and how she’s used relationship marketing to build her business. Let’s dive in!

Peggy’s Virtual Assistant Journey

About a year ago, Peggy was feeling a little bit down about being just a mom and wife. She wanted to be able to contribute to her family and impact more people. Then she stumbled across a Facebook ad about becoming a virtual assistant that piqued her interest. She watched the 90-minute video and decided to go all in!

Peggy looked into virtual assistant courses, but none of them felt like a good fit., Instead, she listened to tons of podcasts, read books, and watched YouTube videos to learn everything she needed to know to get started.

How Peggy Found Clients in the Beginning

Peggy’s first client was a friend who posted on Facebook about needing social media help. She reached out and while he couldn’t pay an ideal rate, she was able to gain some experience and some confidence. Her advice: Let go of fear and put yourself out there! 

From there, Peggy became active in Facebook groups and on Instagram, and within 6 months her business was so solid that other virtual assistants starting reaching out for advice. She now mentors other virtual assistants with 1:1 coaching and her group program.

Balancing Being a Mom and a Business Owner

Peggy encourages other moms to release the idea that things will be perfect! No day will go exactly as planned. Asking for support from her family and her husband helped a lot, and like many of us, she worked at night and during nap-time at the beginning.

Now that she’s advanced to the next-level of her business she’s been able to hire a part-time nanny. She reminds us that things will get better! To help get over the hump, Peggy always kept her end goal in mind. 

Using Relationship Marketing, Content Marketing, and Market Research in Your Virtual Assistant Business

Peggy believes that the key to success in your virtual assistant business is building relationships! (I do too!)

In her exclusive training for Support Squad members, she’ll be teaching us how to reach out to our dream clients on Instagram and Facebook in a non-sleazy way and how to create content that resonates.

Stay in Touch with Peggy

Peggy still works the VA side of her business to be the best coach she can be, as well as doing 1:1 Coaching and a Group Program (featuring 1:1 coaching, self-paced content, and more!). You can also join her in The Virtual Assistant Club on Facebook for community and support from other virtual assistants. 


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