Ep. 007: The Secrets to Staying Productive When You’re Working From Home

Working from home...sounds amazing right? Well yeah, most of the time it is. But it can also be really challenging to stay focused and on task when you’re not in a traditional office setting. There are dogs to be walked, there’s laundry to be put away, and there’s a whole kitchen full of food waiting to be eaten. I have gone through phases where I have really struggled with productivity and focus and have learned lots of little tricks along the way.

From creating a routine to changing my environment, I’m sharing the things that have helped me get my mind into work mode so that I can do the best work for myself and my clients.

And this week I have something very special for you! I’ve created a Time Blocking Template to help you create your own work routine so that you can stay on task. Sign up with your email below to get the free download.


Improve your time management and productivity with this Time Blocking Worksheet!

This free download includes a worksheet that you can print out and use to block out your time for the week. And there's a also a guide that shows you the most effective ways to use it!