Ep. 006: Become Your Client's Business BFF (and Watch Your Role Expand!)

One of the most incredible things that has happened to me since I started my business happened this fall. I’d been working for my client, an incredible life coach, for a little over a year when she asked if we could have a quick meeting to discuss my role in her business. We already meet regularly on Zoom, sometimes 3 times a week, and are always in communication through Slack and text.

So I was curious and a little nervous about what this meeting would be about. She started the meeting by thanking me for all of the work I’d done for her throughout the year and then she launched into her plan to expand my role to include affiliate management, social media management, and a new pay structure that would seriously reward my efforts.

I was super excited about all of that, but what blew me away was when she invited me to join her and her clients for a week long retreat in Sonoma, CA, all expenses paid. She expressed how important it was to her that I got to know her business more intimately, and see her work in person.

Obviously, I said yes, and attended the retreat. It was absolutely life changing! I got to meet her clients, women I’d gotten to know intimately during my year of serving my client as her customer suport specialist. I spent a week enjoying the luxurious retreat center, delicious food, and incredible workshops lead by some of the top women coaches in the country. I was even asked to sit in on a panel and speak about how to build a virtual team that can support you and your business.

I was so full of gratitude after the retreat, that I decided to really sit down and pinpoint how I’d gotten to that place with my client.

I want other virtual assistants to experience the incredible pride that comes from working with clients that trust you, inspire you, and value you.

So today I’m going to share a few of the things I believe made all the difference. Some of these things might challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone. But isn’t that where all of the good stuff happens?

And don’t forget to join us this Thursday at 1 pm PST in The Support Squad Hangout! I’ll be going live to jam with all my virtual assistant babes about this week’s episode.



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