Ep. 001: How I Went from SAHM to Successful Virtual Assistant

As we start a new year, I’m feeling….reflective. I can’t believe how much progress I’ve made in my business over the last two years.

Two years ago, I didn’t even really understand what a virtual assistant was. I certainly didn’t know how to find clients and run a business that would bring me sustainable success and fulfillment.

But here I am: a virtual assistant for life coaches, turning away clients, and doing work that I absolutely love. All while staying home with my kids. It all worked out for me and I believe it’s because I made some key strategic decisions early on in building my business.

But I’ll go deeper into that later…

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First, I really want you to get to know me and how I ended up here. I’m the mom of 2 kids, Bobby and Clare, and I’m married to Rob, an urban farmer.

But Rob wasn’t always an urban farmer….before we moved to Las Vegas we managed a 60 acre organic farm in Southwest Colorado. The four years that we lived on that farm were transformative for me and my family. We learned so much about what’s important in life. 

I did so many jobs on the farm. I was the bookkeeper, the HR person, the social media manager, the web designer, the office manager. I had to wear a lot of hats, something that would definitely serve me later in my work as a virtual assistant.

Two years ago, Rob was offered an amazing job with an exciting new company in Las Vegas and we decided to make the move.  Quickly after arriving in our new life, I realized that I needed to find something to keep me busy and bring in a little more income for our family.


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    Getting My Start on Upwork.com

    I knew that people worked online, I’d vaguely heard of virtual assisting, but it seemed like such an elusive thing. How did you actually DO it? I did some research, and ended up on Upwork.com

    If you’ve been freelancing for any period of time, you’re probably familiar with Upwork. I’ve heard horror stories about finding jobs on Upwork, but my experience with Upwork was actually extremely positive. 

    The Magic Moment

    Sure, my first couple of clients were kind of, ummmm.., boring. (Yes, I actually worked for a dental drill repair company.) But everything changed after I found my first Life Coach client. I realized that my skill-set and interests aligned perfectly with successful women life coaches. After that first life coach client, I decided to market my services exclusively to coaches.

    That’s when the floodgates opened. As soon as I defined my niche, and became well-versed in the industry, I had more clients than I could have dreamed of! I will tell you allll about how to define your niche later, but keep in mind that I credit it with my fast success at the beginning of my journey into virtual assisting.

    And that’s how it all got started, my friends! Being a virtual assistant hasn’t been exactly glamorous (except for the amazing retreat I got to attend with my client in Sonoma, CA), but it has opened the door for more abundance for me and my family. And I feel truly fulfilled by my work. It doesn’t get much better than that!

    Stay tuned for next week’s episode where I’ll let you in on the FIVE strategies I used early on in my career as a virtual assistant that I believe fast-tracked my success. We talked a little bit about defining a niche, but I have some more juicy tips.

    See you then, boss babes!

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