Become a Support Squad Expert

When you sign up to be a Support Squad Expert, you are so much more than just a podcast guest.

Experts on The Support Squad Podcast are also contributors to The Support Squad Membership Community, offering you a chance to intimately connect with your target audience.

I believe in community over competition, which is why I’m partnering with leading experts in the online space to support women in building their dream careers. I truly believe in lifting up other women and I hope that we can create a long-lasting partnership that benefits both of us!

Here’s how the exchange works…


From you, the Expert:

  • A 30-minute podcast interview

  • A contribution to The Support Squad Membership Site. This can include:

    • A Video Training, (we could record this together immediately after the podcast interview. Any in-depth training on your specific area of expertise.)

    • A Template (exclusive for the membership community. It could be something you’ve already created.)

    • A Workbook (again, it could be something you’ve already made.)

    • An in-depth and niche-specific article or guide.

    • Anything else exclusive and of value to our members.



  • Your episode will be promoted to my audience via my blog, my email list, and all social media channels. I will include all of your links and mention any promotions that you are currently running. You will receive custom feed and story graphics to share with your tribe. I want to celebrate you, babe!

  • One 3-month membership to The Support Squad Community for you and one to give away to your tribe! An awesome opportunity to serve your followers and increase engagement. (Membership community launching March 2019.)

  • Enrollment in The Support Squad Affiliate Team. You will receive a commission for every person that signs up for The Support Squad Membership Community. (Details coming in February.)

  • Your photo, bio, and links will be included on the Support Squad Expert page.



The opportunity to learn, grow, and network with each other and establish a true partnership that lasts far beyond this podcast interview! I want to create a network of boss babes that support each other’s work on the regular. I’d love to get together for Instagram and Facebook lives and do anything we can to bring a little bit of fun and community into each other’s worlds!

Ready to jump in and join our panel of experts? Yay! Fill out the form below and I’ll send you a scheduling link!

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