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Facebook Groups are a great place to network and find clients!

But you have to make sure you're coming across as helpful and friendly, not spammy or sales-y. This guide takes you through specific strategies to stand out as an expert in Facebook groups so that you can land your dream clients!

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    Hey Boss Babe!

    Tell me if this sounds familiar: you started an Instagram page for your business, you’re posting on Facebook regularly, or you may have already started using Facebook groups to find clients for your business, but you’re just not seeing the results that you want to see. As much as you try to engage, you’re still not landing your dream clients.

    Facebook Groups can be a great place to find clients, and today I’m going to share some tips (seriously, they are gold) on how to really spark engagement inside of these groups.

    In this guide I'll share specific strategies you can use to stand out in Facebook groups!

    xoxo, Sharon