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The Happy Business Reset

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In the 3-Day Happy Business Reset we'll take a look at:

-Day 1-

Your Daily Habits

As Jim Rohn says "Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going." To help you cultivate a happier & more productive flow, we'll examine your daily habits and design a structure for your day that supports joy and growth.

-Day 2-

Offers & Clients

Spending time with tasks and clients that drain us is a surefire way to zap your happiness. We'll take a look at your current offers & clients and create a plan for eliminating(or resetting) the pieces that are keeping you from being as happy and profitable as you could be.

-Day 3-


Are you inconsistent with your marketing? It could be because you haven't developed a system & strategy that feels aligned with you. We'll work together to create a marketing plan that feels fun and manageable by tapping into the Law of Attraction.


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Has the day-to-day grind taken the joy out of your biz?

You started your business in hopes of finding more joy, purpose, and freedom in your work.

But now that you've started working with clients, you've found that your days have become a disjointed jumble of tasks that are not exactly sparking joy.

You can't bring yourself to stay consistent with your marketing, and you might even be wondering "Why did I even start this business if it's not making me happy?"

It's time to stop settling for the status quo and start designing the business of your dreams.

  • Does your typical work day consist of an endless to-do list of client work? I'll teach you how to create a flow to your day that feels spacious and allows you to step into CEO status.
  • Have you gotten stuck in a cycle of doing whatever your clients ask you to do - instead of considering what makes you happy? I'll give you the tools to clean up your current client workload and focus on what you love.
  • Feeling uninspired and unmotivated with your current marketing strategies? We'll make a plan for bringing energy and joy back into your social media game.

Hi, I'm Sharon Nissen.

I'm a virtual assistant coach and the creator of The Support Squad, a podcast and membership community for virtual assistants.

I've mentored hundreds of virtual assistants over the past 3 years, and I find that so many of them hit a point of burnout after they've landed a few clients.

Too many of us forget how much power we have over our own happiness. I created the Happy Business Reset to remind you that you can design your business on your own terms and I'll give you the tools to do it.

In this 3-Day Workshop, you'll not only get the tools to build a more happy and profitable business, you'll also get personal access to me and a community of virtual assistants like you.

You deserve happiness. Let's go get it!

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