Grow your email list with this customizable freebie!

Create your own "Guide to Finding the Perfect Virtual Assistant" with this fully customizable Canva template. Then use it as a lead magnet to attract subscribers to your email list!

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    Hey Boss Babe!

    If you’re in the beginning stages of growing your email list for your virtual assistant business, you’re going to need a lead magnet, also known as a “freebie.” This is basically the incentive that you give to potential clients in exchange for giving you their email addresses. I’ve seen many virtual assistants encouraging people to sign up for their newsletter without a freebie or lead magnet. Sure, you might get the occasional sign-up using this method, but in order to really grow your list, you need a value-packed freebie.

    To help you get started, I’ve created this free customizable template so that you can create your own Guide to Hiring the Perfect Virtual Assistant. This will help your potential client with all the steps of finding the perfect VA (hopefully you!)

    xoxo, Sharon