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Creating your ideal client avatar can help you focus your marketing and land your dream clients!

If you've had trouble figuring out how to market yourself in a way that attracts your ideal client, this workbook will help you find clarity! We'll get super specific so that you can create an effective marketing strategy.

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    Hey Boss Babe!

    As you’re just getting started as a virtual assistant, you might feel tempted to cast a wide net by marketing to all small business owners, but that’s not always the best strategy.

    It might sound counter-intuitive, but by narrowing your ideal client to a very specific industry or niche, you’ll find that it’s easier to market to and land those clients.

    Once I determined that my ideal client was a successful, soulful female life coach, the clients came rolling in! You want to set yourself apart as an expert in whatever field you’re in, so defining your ideal client is key.

    This workbook will take you through the steps of creating your ideal client avatar. It’s going to get specific! The more you can truly visualize your ideal client and what he/she wants and needs, the more successfully you’ll be able to market yourself. 

    xoxo, Sharon