Recognize Your Value and Worth


To complete today's challenge and qualify for the giveaway (a 1 year subscription to The Support Squad Membership Community):

  1. Watch the video above.

  2. Choose an affirmation that will help you shift your mindset when it comes to asking for the rates that you deserve. You can write your own or use one of the affirmations I’ve listed below. Then I want you to write that affirmation down and put it in a place that you will see it frequently throughout the day, maybe on your mirror or on your desk. (Examples of affirmations: “My ideal client is happy to pay me high rates.” “I am deserving of financial abundance.” “I welcome the flow of money into my life and my business.” “I am worthy of receiving large sums of money.”)

  3. Take a picture of your affirmation and post it on Instagram in your feed or stories (don’t forget to tag or share it on the Day 4 post in The Support Squad Hangout.)

  4. Register for the 5 Secrets of Happy (and Profitable) Virtual Assistants online workshop. I’ll be announcing the winner LIVE on Saturday, June 1 @ 11 am CST.

See you tomorrow for Day 5, Boss Babe!