Creating a Captivating and Adaptable Personal Brand  

Establishing a clear personal brand will allow you to make shifts in your business without having to completely reinvent yourself with each step. In her exclusive training for Support Squad member, international business coach Amanda Kolbye is sharing strategies for establishing and evolving a captivating personal brand.


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You'll learn: 

  • The elements that make up a personal brand
  • Common misconceptions about personal branding
  • How to use your story to find themes that will connect with your ideal client
  • A process for uncovering a personal brand that will evolve with your business
  • Bringing intention to your messaging based on your current offers & services
  • Choosing whether to “morph” or “step” when it comes to evolving your business

This month, Support Squad Members will receive:

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Uncover Your Personal Brand Challenge

Our monthly challenges are a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone and get to know your fellow Squad members better. 

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Content Planning System

A simple system to help you plan consistent, cohesive content that illuminates your personal brand and attracts your ideal client.

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2 Live Group Coaching Calls

Members are invited to join me for two live group coaching calls where we'll dive deep into this month's content and I'll answer ANY virtual assistant-related questions! 

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30 Journal Prompts for Virtual Assistants

A month of journal prompts to promote self-discovery and help you find clarity in your personal brand. all of the past content inside the membership!


What is The Support Squad Membership?

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An Ongoing Support System for Building a Profitable Virtual Assistant Business

In-depth training from industry leaders + a library of templates & guides + live group coaching


Meet the creator of The Support Squad...

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I'm Sharon Nissen,

virtual assistant coach and the host of The Support Squad Podcast.

Back in 2016, I was a bored and broke stay-at-home mom with a desire for so much more. 

No college degree + spotty resume = VERY limited options for work. But the idea of slaving at a 9-5 and earning barely enough to cover childcare KILLED MY SOUL! 

Then came the turning point: A friend told me about virtual assisting and I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.

See - I’ve ALWAYS been a smart, creative, and driven person, but the typical college path and 9-5 corporate job just never appealed to me. (Sound familiar?)

As I learned more about virtual assisting, I was SO excited to find I could do creative work that I loved - on my own terms.

Over the last few years, I've taken my VA business to places I never even dreamed and have now made it my mission to mentor new virtual assistants so that they can create businesses that bring them long-term fulfillment.